Wren Bistro and Bar, Laid-Back Sophistication with Lowcountry Charm

Spotted by the Lunch Bunch: Laura and John Trask III, Marie Belden and Betty Bellomy

By Wendy Pollitzer

March 24, 2011



The Lunch Bunch dined at the elegant and casual bistro, Wren, located at 210 Carteret Street in Downtown Beaufort. Wren is one of my favorite lunch spots in town, and I was so excited to eat there with my gal pals for my special “Birthday” Lunch Bunch.

Lace Cruze was our server, and she was so patient with our group. We arrived one by one for at least 20 minutes, and the place was packed! But, she was a class act, and served us with a smile.

The Lunch Bunch was smaller than normal this week. Pamela went on vacation to Disney World, and Barry was hard at work.  So, April, Kim, Elizabeth and I enjoyed the ambiance and food at the hip restaurant, owned locally by Anne and Brad Sergent.

Wren, which used to be Beaufort Realty, is situated on the popular corner between Bay and Port Republic Streets. Managed by Cindy Lawson, Wren is now in its third year at its present location.

I could go on and on about the décor of the interior.  It’s so my taste! It’s Lowcountry mixed with industrial panache.  Burlaps mixed with Steel, twine accenting exposed brick, oversized chairs that invite laid-back sophistication. You can come off the boat to visit the bar or dine before a symphony at Wren. The interior is attractive to all types.

Yes, I go for the atmosphere and friendly servers.  But I also frequent Wren for their delicious food! And, last week, the menu was singing to us.

Tomato Bisque

The four of us started with savory soups. April and Elizabeth ordered the Shellfish Bisque, which featured jumbo lump crab cake in a shrimp and lobster, sherry-laced consommé.  Kim and I asked for the Tomato-Basil Bisque, made with San Marzano tomatoes and Italian cheeses. Definitely order one of these if you come with an appetite. Both were so tasty and are signature creations of the restaurant.

Southern Tiered Fried Green Tomato Sandwich: A Must-Have at Wren

Kim knew immediately what she wanted when she arrived…the Southern Tier Fried Green Tomatoes topped with Applewood bacon, goat cheese and a charred tomato relish.

Bella Sandwich

Elizabeth opted for the Bella, an herb-roasted Portobello sandwich filled with artichokes, roasted roma tomatoes and red peppers and Parmesan and provolone chesses.

Southwest Salad

April asked for the Southwest Salad, which included grilled chicken, roasted corn, sweet pepper, black beans, cheddar jack, red onion, avocado and crispy tortillas with a creamy herb dressing.

Croque Monsieur

I ordered the Croque Monsieur, a sandwich made with rosemary ham, Swiss, and Gruyere on a Ciabatta roll dressed in mayo and Dijon.

So whose dish was the table’s favorite? You guessed it…Kim’s Southern Tier Fried Green Tomatoes. It is a “Must-Have” at Wren!

Another “Must-Do” at Wren is the Thursday night themed Burger night, when their scrumptious 12 ounces of pure cattleman’s beef burgers are half-price and domestic bottle beers are $2. Um, that’s a no-brainer.

Devils Food Cake

Coconut Cake

Lace brought out two desserts for my birthday, a coconut cake and a Devil’s Food Cake with a milk Chocolate cream filling, both equally delicious! Desserts at Wren are made by the owner, Anne; and let me tell you, they are phenomenal!

What a wonderful experience we had at Wren! Thank you Anne and Cindy for inviting us, and thank you Lace for a delightful meal. You all know we’ll be back!

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