Uptown Grill is the new Hot Spot

Spotted by the Lunch Bunch: Dick Stewart and his 303 Associates, Darien Haley, Courtney Worrell, Ralph Fermin, Norma Duncan, Sharon Stewart, Lou Ann Jones and Jean Brown.

By Wendy Pollitzer

Fried Calamari-A Must-Have at Uptown Grill

The Lunch Bunch had a Holiday feast at the Uptown Grill at 1001 Boundary Street.  This week, Pamela’s husband, Daniel joined the group. Barry was happy to have another male at the table; listening to a group of six girls jibber jabber every week makes him a little uncomfortable at times.

Uptown Grill was packed, but that didn’t stop the great service.  The chic eatery specializes in modern American cuisine and is a hot spot for ladies’ lunches. Stephanie waited on us, and she was ever so delightful and prompt.  She brought the table some crispy spring rolls and calamari to start.  We all liked the appetizers and were unanimous that the calamari is a Must-Have at Uptown Grill.

Stephanie explained the day’s specials, New England Clam Chowder and Fried Oyster Caesar Salad. It was exactly what I had in mind. And boy, was it good. There were probably 10-15 fried oysters in the salad. It was enough for two, but I found the room to eat it all.

Kim ordered a salad as well. She got the Beet and Goat Cheese salad, with spinach, walnuts, mandarin oranges and a hard cooked egg with citrus vinaigrette. The beets were so delectable, she asked for more. Then a lengthy conversation about beets followed. Barry looked at Daniel and said, “see what I deal with every week.”

Daniel, Barry and Pamela opted for sandwiches. Daniel ordered the crispy fried flounder on a Kaiser roll, while Barry got the pan seared crab cake sandwich. Pamela liked the walnut chicken salad sandwich on a baked croissant. No to-go boxes this week for this trio!

April saw an incredible BBQ burger on the menu with hickory smoked bacon, melted cheddar cheese, crispy fried onions and BBQ sauce.  The burger queen loved it!

Elizabeth was in an indecisive mood, but finally chose the Italian sausage with marinara sauce, fresh basil and parmesan. The meal came with a Caesar salad. She was ultimately happy with her decision, and even got to take some home for dinner.

Of course April reminded us that we needed to order dessert. She chose for the table. We devoured the Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake and the Key Lime Pie. While we were eating dessert, we heard the peppy Happy Birthday tune begin.  The table to our left was celebrating  the birthday of Tia Cooper. Marlena Smalls and Sumitra Stewart were there to help her welcome another year. Happy Birthday Tia from the Lunch Bunch.

We were all very impressed with the quality of service and food at Uptown Grill. Mehdi Varedi, owner and Manager at the restaurant has done a fabulous job attracting large parties. And his tasty creations are indeed worth the visit. Thank you Mehdi for a memorable Lunch Bunch experience.

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