Treated like Queens by Southern Graces at The Beaufort Inn

By Wendy Pollitzer

July 1, 2010

UnknownThe Lunch Bunch received the royal treatment last week, as Southern Graces at the Beaufort Inn pampered us with indulgent creations by Bethany Hewitt, chef, designer and owner of the restaurant and catering company that takes a fresh approach to food and events.

Hewitt combines Southern Classics, a flair for French Country and a dash of whimsy that is nothing short of “Sophisticated Grace.”  The food, the atmosphere and the presentation are regal; and the experience is unforgettable.  And the best part, it’s affordable too.

As a patron at the Beaufort Inn, you can’t help but feel important. Service form the moment you step through the door is exceptional.  You are the only person on the server’s mind, and it is evident that she will do whatever needed to make your experience as perfect as possible. And our server was Freda Boles. Her attention to detail was extraordinary, and she delivered each dish with as much pride as the owner.

We were each given a sample of appetizers to start.  April, Kim, Elizabeth and I were treated to She Crab Soup, a Beaufort Bay Shrimp Wrap and Fried Green Tomatoes.  Now, I’ve lived in the Lowcountry my entire life. I’ve tasted She Crab Soup in hundreds of restaurants from Hilton Head to Murrell’s Inlet. Southern Graces’ cup of She Crab is hands-down the best I’ve ever eaten. And Kim agreed. The consistency between the crab and sherry was ideal. And it was served with a pimiento cheese straw that accompanied the flavor perfectly.

The Shrimp Wrap, also stuffed with sausage and lump crab meat was delivered in a wonton skin, flash fried and served with garlic sweet and spicy sauce. The dish won at the 2008 Beaufort Shrimp Festival, so locals agree, it’s the best in town!

Southern Graces’ take on the southern classic of Fried Green Tomatoes was clever. The appetizer was served with a sweet corn sauce that created a nice balance of sugar and salt.  And the presentation of this dish especially was creative and exquisitely designed.

Each of looked at the menu and were equally pleased with our entrée selections. And this week, we decided to add the photos with the article simply because the dishes were so beautiful!

Elizabeth ordered the Vertical Cobb Salad, a dramatically stacked salad with layers of avocado, tomato, eggs, bacon, blue cheese and fried shrimp with a Black Pepper Buttermilk dressing. Just take a look at the picture below, and you’ll drool at the thought of putting this delicious creation in your mouth!

Kim got the Fried Green Tomato, Bacon and Pimento Cheese Panini served on Ciabiatta bread and Southern Graces’ house made pimento cheese. She was ever so pleased and kept reminding the rest of us how delighted she was with her choice.

April asked for the Gourmet Blue Plate Wednesday Special, the Smoked Shrimp Burger. Southern Graces makes a week’s worth of these delectable southern staples, and each of them are served at the low price of $9.95. April loved her Shrimp Burger and said it was the ”best she’d ever had!”

I saw something on the menu I’d never seen before, so I had to try it.  The Shrimp and Sweet Potato Grits were as pleasing to the taste buds as they were to the eyes. The sautéed local shrimp were served with Prosciutto Cream over Anson Mills’ Sweet Potato Grits, two of my favorite starches paired skillfully and tastefully.

So by now, we are satiated! But how do we say no to desserts?   And, how do we say no to three of them?  Freda brought out small portions of their Southern Banana Pudding, Chocolate Crème Brulee and Wendy’s favorite all-time dessert…Hummingbird Cake. Have I used the word indulgence yet in this article? I believe so, but it’s the only item in the dictionary that expresses my thoughts on these desserts. Pure indulgence!

As Amazing Grace played in the background, I thought about my grandmother, Elsie Blume. Granny was from a little town called Starr, right outside of Anderson. Granny was the quintessential southern lady. She made those large midday meals for a family of six every day. Her cooking was classic and delicious!

Amazing Grace played at her funeral, and every time I hear it, I think of her.  On the day I ate at Southern Graces, I fondly remembered Granny and thought about all the gracious southern ladies out there who rarely treat themselves to a sophisticated lunch.  There are many of you out there, and I promise you will be treated like queens when you dine at Southern Graces. Ladies, you deserve it! Granny, you deserved it!

Southern Graces offers weekly Sunday Brunches and Friday Supper Clubs once a month.  And they are open every day for lunch.  You will enjoy every minute of your experience, I promise.

Bethany, your hospitality was sincere and gracious. I see why you named your business Southern Graces, for you are the epitome of Grace in our beloved Southern world, down here in the heart of the Lowcountry. Thank you for everything!

I’m planning a girl’s weekend with friends from Charleston soon, and I will definitely be taking them to see you at the Beaufort Inn. Wow, what a Lunch Bunch event! Thank you, thank you, thank you Bethany!

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