The Lunch Bunch Loves Panini’s

By Wendy Pollitzer

June 10, 2010


Skylar Bruner enjoys her lunch at Panini’s and shows off her Silly Bands.

Panini’s , you rock! What a Lunch Bunch experience we had this week with Skylar (Heather’s daughter) joining us again. It was absolutely fab!

John, our server was exceptional. He was so on the ball with refills; I think we all visited the Ladies Room during our visit.  Tea and water will do it every time. Seriously though, he was great and attentive! And Elyse, Panini’s manager, was also friendly and helpful. Generous and professional service at a restaurant is always appreciated and should never go unnoticed.  So thanks John and Elyse for superior hospitality!

Elizabeth, Kim and Christina usually meet early; so they’ve started a tradition of ordering appetizers before the rest of us get there. How excited are we upon arrival when a table full of food is waiting for us!

This week, we enjoyed the Almond Crusted Calamari and Panini’s signature Antipasto Plate.  Oh my, they were both so delicious!

The burnt honey flavor on the calamari added a tad of sweetness to the nutty breading. And the Spicy Aioli and Fra Diavolo sauces were the perfect accompaniment to the already tasty dish.  Christina, who doesn’t even like calamari, loved this dish and, “could eat it all day!”

Panini’s selection of imported meats and cheeses on the Antipasto Plate is impressive. They’ve done a terrific job at pairing pickled items with prosciutto and bleu cheese. For a larger group, it’s the ideal starter meal and easily passed.

After a hilarious conversation about the quick popularity and super cool fad of silly bands (notice the photo of Skylar), we all agreed that kids today learn barter and trade much better than we ever did.  Just so everyone knows, The Island News loves trade! And this particular writer needs contacts and/or prescription sunglasses! A camp for two kids one week this summer would be awesome too!

That was a serious digression. Let’s get back to food!

This week, Kimmy ordered the Fettuccini Alfredo with chicken and a blend of Parmesan and cream.  This traditional Italian dish hit the spot, and was large enough to bring leftovers home to the kiddos. Who got it first Kim? William, Perry or Anna Katherine?

Sister Elizabeth asked for the House Salad with Shrimp. A delectable creamy tomato dressing and olive puree complimented the bed of Romaine lettuce topped with fresh local crustaceans from the sea. Lizzy Lou was certainly impressed.

Christina got the Fresh Tomato Panini, complete with basil pesto, charred red onion and house made mozzarella cheese. The pasta salad that comes with all hoagies and paninis is to die for! According to Christina, “it should be sold by the gallon!” I ran into Megan Feight later that day, and she agreed, “it’s the best in town!”

Heather opted for the Capri pizza, and what a choice! It had spinach, dried tomatoes, onions, feta, mustard aioli and olive oil drizzled on top.  Ooh, it looked good! And Panini’s is known for its pizzas, so she was very satisfied with her decision.

April, predictable April, ordered the chicken cheese steak sandwich. She really cracks me up. Mrs. Ackerman walks the straightest line when it comes to food. Why not? You always know what you’re going to get. She’s definitely not a box of chocolates kind of girl!

Lastly, I chose the Spinach salad with pancetta, red onion, boiled egg and an incredible herbed buttermilk ranch dressing. But I couldn’t stop there. I had to order the side of house made meatballs of beef, veal and pork with fresh tomato sauce.  A dear and knowledgeable friend recommended them; so I listened to the advice and loved them! Thanks BP!

For all the photos of our beautiful meals, definitely visit Also, we’ve added pdf’s of menus from each of our Lunch Bunch spots. Take a look at Panini’s menu if you’re looking to dine in or take out.

Thank you to the kind staff at Panini’s, especially John and Elyse. And also, to Nick Borregine, owner for hosting this week’s Lunch Bunch. We had a wonderful time and look forward to coming back soon!

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