The Lunch Bunch Goes Back to School

Outtakes at USCB Offers Salads, Sandwiches and Starbucks

By Wendy Pollitzer

September 16, 2010

The Lunch Bunch went back to school this week at the University of South Carolina Beaufort at Outtakes, located on campus at 801 Carteret Street beside the Library.

You don’t have to be a student to visit Outtakes, but it certainly caters to the busy scholar. It’s inexpensive and delicious too!  For $5 you can choose from a variety in the Chef’s Case and get a protein and two sides. Meat and 2 is perfect for the freshman waiting for his or her next class, the faculty member who is juggling schedules or the downtown businessman wanting a fast and tasty lunch. And it’s so convenient! Parking is free (no meters or machines that pretend to be meters), and the spaces are right beside the door.

Also, lots of children will soon be rehearsing for Mulan, and many will also attend the show. Need a place to chill out and eat while you wait for your child? Well, Outtakes is the place to go! I’ve yet to mention that it houses a Starbucks. That’s right Beaufort, the only Starbucks on Port Royal Island is right on Carteret Street.  Outtakes offers nearly the entire traditional Starbucks menu.

In addition to gourmet coffee, Outtakes serves quality food prepared by Sarah Wuttke, a former Soux Chef at Saltus River Grill. She fixes grab-and-go style sandwiches and salads for those in a hurry as well as items placed in her Chef’s case, which change daily.  She prepares a variety of meats and sides for lunch and breakfast items for the early bird, which stay in the case until 12 Noon.

We all chose from the Chef’s Case. If served warm, Sarah will heat up the items and bring them to your table.  April, Kim and I chose meals hot meals.  April opted for the Pesto Chicken, while Kim and I ordered the BBQ Pork.  Christina chose the Turley, Apple and Brie Wrap, and Elizabeth ordered the Shrimp Salad.

Additionally, we each got two sides. We selected from the dill potatoes, the green bean and carrot melody, sautéed squash and zucchini, a strawberry Caesar salad and a garden salad.

We couldn’t believe how tasty our meal was for $5! And, it was so quick. The five of us were in and out of there in 30 minutes. And you know how much we like to chitchat! We were very impressed at the quality of the food too.

Outtakes is open Monday through Thursday from 9am to 7pm and Fridays, 9am-1pm. They also cater and can host large or small events. Remember, it’s right beside the Library, and it offers free Wi-Fi, of course. So, if you need a quiet place to work, relax or dine with friends, keep Outtakes in mind.  I know I’m going to remember Outtakes when I need to write my next column.

Thank you Rochelle Reese, Director of Dining Services at USCB for inviting the Lunch Bunch back to School. We had a delightful experience!

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