The Lunch Bunch Eats at Piace Pizza and then Gets Hot!

By Wendy Pollitzer

November 4, 2010

Piace, Italian for “Enjoy.” And that’s exactly what the Lunch Bunch did last week…we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly at the neighborhood pizzaria in Habersham Marketplace owned by Brian Ferry.

Piace serves traditional pizzas, salads, and sandwiches (both hot and cold); all of which are incredibly fresh and made to order. Chef Brian and his team make their pizza dough from scratch every single day.

Think New York style pizza. Think every bite melting in your mouth with the perfect amount of crunch and zest. Think the topping of your liking and pairing it with  the most savory cheese. Beaufort, you don’t have to think about it anymore. It’s here, and it’s right in our back yard! And even better, Piace will deliver DOWNTOWN!

To start we ordered the Caprese Salad (with tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil and a balsalmic drizzle) and the Pizza Garlic Stix for the table. The basil is grown in an herb garden directly behind the restaurant. Talk about fresh! And the Garlic Stix and marinara? They were literally gone in one round.

The lunch Bunch decided we wanted to sample a few pizzas, so we ordered three for the table.

Mr. Hawaii-A Must-Have at Piace Pizza

We opted for Mr. Hawaiiwith ham, pineapple and banana peppers, theMargherita with olive oil, garlic, sliced tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzarella and basil and the BST a Ricotta and basil spread topped with bacon, spinach and tomatoes.

I can honestly say the pizzas were equally delicious. But the table agreed on one favorite…Mr. Hawaii.The pairing of the sweet pineapple with the tanginess of the banana pepper and the salty ham was inventive, yes, but also perfectly proportioned! It really is a Must-Have at Piace!

If you’re looking for a quick and tasty bite to eat for lunch, remember Habersham is really only a 6-minute ride from downtown. The service is exceptional at Piace and the cost is reasonable.  And if the weather is nice, you can dine al fresco.

Or, if you don’t feel like driving at all, order in! Call 379-3287. They’ll deliver to the City of Beaufort in a heartbeat!

Thank you Brian for a pleasant and scrumptious lunch. Piace Pizza is definitely worth the short drive!

Wendy Pollitzer, Elizabeth Harding, Kim Harding Gallant and Christina Byrne

After our amazing pizzas, the Lunch Bunch had the ride of a lifetime on Burton’s newest fire truck, the 2010 Quantum Pierce Pumper. Burton Firefighter/EMT Daniel Byrne and Burton Firefighter/Paramedic Bobby Davidson, volunteered to drive the Lunch Bunch around the Habersham neighborhood on their day off in the new truck, which was not in service for emergency response, as a way to say “thank you” to the community for their support.

The 2010 Quantum Pierce Pumper meets not only all National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards for fire apparatus, but also the Insurance Standards Office (ISO) guidelines. Both the NFPA and ISO agencies study and analyze national statistics and data on not only fire losses, but losses resulting from any disaster, and from that data establishes minimum standards to assist fire departments in ensuring that they have the minimum equipment to protect their citizens.

FAST, Firefighter Assistance and Support Team for Burton Fire District recently threw an Ice Cream Social to welcome the newest fire engine to the department. FAST was started in September 2007 as a way for the spouses of Burton Fire District Firefighters to pull together and help the firefighters on exhausting fire calls.

Burton Firefighter/EMT Daniel Byrne and Burton Firefighter/Paramedic Bobby Davidson.Burton Fire District revived tradition on September 27th as firefighters of all ranks, and even some children of firefighters, gathered in front of the Burton Hill Station, placed their hands on the front of the newest engine and pushed it back into the firehouse.

The new fire truck cost $495,000; however, $250,000 of the cost was paid for by impact fees, which are fees paid by new development in the Burton area to assist in the community’s ability to ensure infrastructure support to meet the resulting new demands for services. The new fire truck cost tax payers only $245,000 and required no tax increase to purchase.

The new truck, which will be servicing a high commercial and industrial area, went into service for emergency response on Monday, November 1st.

The Lunch Bunch was honored to ride on the new fire truck and certainly humbled by Byrne’s and Davidson’s dedication and service to the community. Thank you gentleman for a job well done.

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