The Lunch Bunch Dines at Mizu

By Wendy Pollitzer

Apr. 29, 2010 This week the Lunch Bunch sans Heather and Christina dined at Mizu Japanese Restaurant, located at 1370 Ribaut Road, and boy was it a treat! If you’re looking for fresh sushi, fast service, and affordable prices, Mizu is the place to go.

Lin Lim, our friendly server, was more than accommodating.  She was courteous, quick, and just so darn sweet!

Kim and Elizabeth, who frequent Mizu, know Lin well. Lin immediately asked if they wanted the Lady’s Island, which is sushi-grade tuna elegantly served in an avocado with dipping sauce and fresh roe on the side. I think the sisters have had this a time or two. Take a look at the online photo of this dish at  It’s fabulous-looking!

Kim ordered the shrimp and vegetable tempura and fried rice. Although it was quite delicious, Kim had a hard time finishing it. The portion was enormous!

Elizabeth, most often the healthy Lunch Buncher, had the spicy tuna roll and six pieces of sushi chosen by the chef. Again, look at the photos online. These dishes are simply beautiful, not to mention super yummy!

April got the Benton Box, a dish equally divided into four sections, and again, stylishly presented. April chose the sweet potato roll, the spring roll, chicken teriyaki and fried rice. I tasted the sweet potato roll because it seemed interesting.  It had cream cheese and sweet potatoes.   It was certainly tasty!

I ordered the shrimp hibachi with fried rice. I wasn’t so healthy this Wednesday, but definitely walked out with a full and satisfied stomach.

All of our meals were accompanied with either a salad or soup.  This incredible deal just can’t be beat. You can get so much for your dollar, and the service is fast.

Lin asked if we were ready for dessert. Stuffed, April and I said we were full. But, oh no! Kim and Elizabeth made us try Mizu’s signature dessert. And I am ever so thankful we did.

Lin brought us six fried Oreo’s. That’s right, Oreo cookies…fried. Man,oh man, were they delicious! And they were served with whipped cream and cherries. That’s even better, right?

Mizu is a great place to dine, for lunch or dinner. If you’re in the mood to watch the chef prepare your meal, enjoy the Teppanyaki cook-top grill table, which accommodates up to twelve people. It’s great for birthday parties or staff get-togethers. Also, the kids love it.

The Lunch Bunch would like to thank the staff at Mizu for a wonderful dining experience.  And, thank you, Lin, for making our day happier.

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