The Lunch Bunch Dines at Big Joe’s Bar-B-Que

By Wendy Pollitzer

October 21, 2010

Uni Flores, Owner of Big Joes Bar-B-Que

The Lunch Bunch traveled to Big Joe’s Bar-B-Que this week, and boy were we treated to good old-fashioned, southern food!

Uni Flores bought Big Joe’s in January when the previous owner was contemplating going out of business. Uni said to Joe Able, “Take that sign down Joe. I’ll buy it!” And that’s what she did.

Flores, the previous owner of China Express, House of Tokyo and Sonny’s, also owns a fishing boat and business, Little Joe’s Seafood.  She knows a thing or two about good seafood, and definitely delivers great Bar-B-Que as well!

Uni served an order of fried corn nuggets to the table to start. If you ever went to Duke’s, you’re familiar with good corn nuggets. Well, believe it or not, these were better! Like Elizabeth said, “They’re little pieces of heaven!”

We have a new Lunch Bunch member, and guess what Beaufort-it’s a guy! Yes, the Lunch Bunch has gone co-ed!  Barry Thompson is a new advertising representative for The Island News. Please welcome him to town when you see him. Originally from Anderson, Barry is excited to make Beaufort home.

And what a way to meet Beaufort than to join the Lunch Bunch!  Barry ordered the pork sandwich with a side of hash and rice. Actually all of us, except Elizabeth, ordered the hash and rice. It’s a must-have at any Bar-B-Que joint!

Lowcountry Boil, A Must-Have at Big Joes

Lizzy Lou asked for the Lowcountry Boil, which was tied for Favorite dish. Barry’s delicious pork and Elizabeth’s fresh, local shrimp were easily voted on as best dishes!

Christina opted for the chicken breast sandwich, while I ordered the fried fish.  Both were equally pleasing and filling!

Kim decided she was going for the dinner-sized portion. She got the rib dinner with potato salad.  Poor Kim was teased a bit when we all made fun of the way she ate ribs (with a fork)!  It seems Kim doesn’t like getting her fingers dirty. She even eats pizza with a fork!

We were all super stuffed when we left Big Joe’s!  The portions were enormous. Each of us, except the newbie, brought home boxes.  Congratulations Elizabeth and Barry for Favorite Dishes, even though we all agreed each of our meals were worth mega praise!

Thank you Uni for inviting the Lunch Bunch to your fine southern establishment and for the genuine, good service.  We will be back for sure!

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Wendy Pollitzer is a versatile writer living in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

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