The Lunch Bunch Beats the Heat at Firehouse Subs

By Wendy Pollitzer

September 9, 2010

Firehouse Subs, located at 2219 Boundary Street, recently opened as Beaufort’s newest sandwich shop. The franchise now has 392 locations in 19 states.

Robin and Chris Sorensen, brothers from Jacksonville opened Firehouse Subs after trying numerous business ventures. Firehouse became successful because of careful research on the product, the desire to serve a hot sub without using a microwave, the longing to create a family-oriented environment that focused on customer-service and the need to find a theme that was authentic and that people could relate to.

It didn’t take long to develop the theme. The Sorensen’s mother’s family had decades of service on the Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department (JFRD), and her relatives inspired their father to join the fire department. 
The Sorensen’s dad retired in 2004 with 43 years of service as a Combat Captain, and the family has more than 200 years of public service as firefighters.

It is a theme that is personal to the Sorensen’s, but is appealing to people of all ages, and is embraced in every community. The finally had a recipe for success and opened their first location in Jacksonville, Florida in 1996.

When you walk into Firehouse Subs, you’re immediately acknowledged by an employee, which always makes the customer feel welcomed.  When you place your order, the friendly staff member asks your name. You’re then invited to fill your drinks, sit and relax until someone calls your name, finds you at your table and delivers your order. It’s an added touch that makes the sandwich shop a bit more unique.

Elizabeth, Heather, Christina, April and I all ordered hot subs. Firehouse Subs uses a steamer to heat the meat and cheeses, which adds moisture and makes the flavors burst.

Elizabeth ordered the Italian on Wheat, complete with Genoa Salami, Pepperoni, Ham, Provolone Cheese and Italian Dressing sprinkled with Italian Seasonings.

Heather asked for the Hook & Ladder Sub, Smoked Turkey Breast and Virginia Honey Ham smothered with Monterey Jack.

Christina, wife of a Burton Firefighter, enjoyed the Firehouse Hero Sub,a 3-meat combo of Premium Roast Beef, Smoked Turkey Breast, and Virginia Honey Ham topped with melted Provolone.

April loved her Engine Company, Smoked Turkey Breast and Premium Roast Beef, which arrived steam’n hot with melted Monterey Jack.

I opted for the Firehouse Steak & Cheese, tender slices of sauteed Sirloin Steak smothered with melted Provolone, sauteed Onions and Bell Peppers, Mayo and Mustard.

All of our hot subs were delicious! We were more that satisfied; and, if you order a large, like I did, you’ll be extra happy with its portion size. For a reasonable price, you get lunch and more to take home for dinner!

Kim, not the sandwich enthusiast, ordered the award winning chili, which she insisted was “incredible.”

Firehouse Subs continues to grow nationally with franchises popping up all over the country. The restaurant is repeatedly recognized in Entrepreneur Magazine with numerous awards.

The franchise offers a kid’s menu, party platters and online ordering, among other services. It also has an array of hot sauces from which to choose.

In addition, founders Chris and Robin Sorensen launched the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation in 2005 to extend the Firehouse Subs mission to give back to the community from where the founders started, in the firehouse. 
The foundation provides funding, resources and support to local public safety officers in communities that lack essential life-saving capabilities.

The Lunch Bunch enjoyed our midday meal at Firehouse Subs. Thank you to the staff for a quick and delicious experience. We’ll be back!

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