Sweetgrass at Dataw Marina is Classy and Casual

By Wendy Pollitzer

June 3, 2010

imagesThe Lunch Bunch traveled to Dataw Island Marina and ate at Sweetgrass Restaurant overlooking Parrot Creek.  Wow, what an experience! The charm of the décor impressed the six of us upon entrance. The look is classy, yet relaxed with calming colors accenting the natural view. Greens and blues and distressed wood create the ambiance of a seaside café.

And that’s precisely what Sweetgrass is. Do you want to take a boat ride for a casual dinner and not sure where to go in Beaufort? Look no further on your nautical chart than mile marker 521 on the ICW and three miles south.

Or if you’re driving, let the gate guards know where you’re headed, and they will be happy to write you a pass to enjoy yourself at the Marina restaurant.  Lauren Tillapaugh, owner and operator at Sweetgrass will be glad you did.

We started the meal with some shrimp fritters and deviled eggs with bacon and chives, topped with crabmeat. Both appetizers were quite tasty and full of distinct flavor. And shh, don’t tell Heather, but Elizabeth ate the last deviled egg before Heather arrived. I think she liked them!

Once again, the Lunch Bunch was joined by a sweet 5 year-old. Skylar, Heather’s little angel came to dine with us. And oh, how she loved her mac n’ cheese prepared especially for her.

And Heather ordered the chicken salad plate with a cup of asparagus soup. Remember Heather’s fascination with chicken salad?  She was very satisfied with her selection and highly recommends Sweetgrass’ preparation!

Kim asked for Picnic on a Plate, ¼ Cornell BBQ chicken with a carrot raisin salad and sweet potato chips that were perfectly fried with sprinkles of powdered sugar. She said the chicken had a sweet flavor to it and enjoyed the meal immensely!

April got the Sea Burger, Sweetgrass’ signature shrimp burger with a creamy and spicy sauce on a fresh baked Kaiser roll. She was pleased and satisfied, wanting more!

Christina ordered the tomato, avocado and turkey sandwich on whole wheat with the sweet potato chips.  I was tempted to get this as well. It seemed light and summery, and she confirmed!

I finally decided on the shrimp salad on a bed of greens with delicious red wine vinaigrette. I also requested the cream of asparagus soup, which was savory and memorable. I’ll order it again the next time I go for sure!

Elizabeth first asked for the asparagus, beet and goat cheese salad, but Lauren came to the table and told us the beets weren’t as fresh as she would have liked.  We all though that was very classy of Lauren. Rather than present a meal that met half of her expectations, she wanted Elizabeth to have the best. So Lizzy got the chicken salad sandwich and a cup of the cream of asparagus as well. And she loved it!

The Lunch Bunch enjoyed our trip to Dataw. In fact, it was one of our favorites! The atmosphere was just so peaceful.

Paul Simon played in the background.  Dolphins swam in the distance. Pleasant conversation accompanied a delicious meal.  What more can you ask for?

Thank you Lauren for a memorable experience! Next time, we’ll come by boat!

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