Sushi Sakana is a Hit with the Locals

Spotted by the Lunch Bunch: Christina Bates, Nick Jones, Guy Talley and Christian Petersen (with an e, not an o-Norwegian, like me!)

By Wendy Pollitzer

July 22, 2010

The Lunch Bunch had the divine pleasure of dining at Sushi Sakana, located at 860 Parris Island Gateway in the Bi-Lo Shopping Center in Port Royal this week. Owned and operated by Choi and Monica Kim, the Japanese restaurant is a new favorite among locals.

Sushi 2We were immediately surprised with a Birthday Roll, prepared by Choi and delivered by Monica in burning foil.  The roll, made with mango, cream cheese and shrimp tempura actually cooks on the table in front of you. The sushi gets barbequed! Oh my, it was original, delicious and gone in 2 seconds!

Monica then brought out a Marine Roll, made with cream cheese, eel, cucumber, avocado and shrimp tempura topped with tuna, marinated crab and four different types of flying fish roe.  Again, creative and yummy! We couldn’t keep these rolls on the table!

The Lunch Bunch had a visitor this week. Michele Jamrozik, Kim’s roommate from Clemson, who now lives in Luxembourg joined us for Sushi. The seven of us were awed with the innovative presentations. And equally impressive was the quality of the sushi! It tasted so fresh, prepared just right.

The four people who were spotted agreed.  Christina Bates told me, “We have friends who come from Sun City to eat here. And, if you come a lot, you get your own pair of chopsticks!”

Christian Petersen agreed, “The Sushi here is great!” He also told me about the chopsticks. I’ll have to go back soon for my pair!

I don’t know if my habitual Lunch Bunch readers will believe this, but April actually won this week for best meal! Our meat and potatoes girl is expanding her palette and ordered the TJ Roll, named after the Kims’ grandson.

The roll of crab, avocado, cream cheese and cucumber was topped with steak tataki and Sushi Sakana’s special sauce. Sweet April let us all have a piece, which melted in our mouths. The tataki was the perfect addition to the already tasty roll. Good thing April got the Chicken Bowl as well, because we devoured her TJ Roll!

Christina ordered the Shrimp Bowl and the Avocado Roll while Heather asked for the Sushi Lunch Combo that included the NY and California Rolls.  I kept hummingEmpire State of Mind and California Gurls as she ordered. What Sushi personality are you? Are you a Katy Perry/Snoop Dogg or Jay-Z/Alicia Keys kind of sushi eater? I’m East Coast, all the way!

I digress.   Kim and I both ordered the Tuna Cucumber Wrap, which enveloped tuna, avocado and flying fish roe among cucumber peels. It was a healthy choice, indeed! But wholesome Kim stopped at the wrap. I asked for the Spicy Shrimp Roll as well.  And, I’m glad I did. It was scrumptious and had the perfect amount of kick.

Elizabeth got the White Castle, white tuna and avocado topped with more white tuna and specially marinated red tuna.  It was classic! And again, the tuna was so fresh!

Michele, our European friend ordered the Shrimp and Chicken Hibachi. If you’re not a Sushi fan, you’ll love the Hibachi, served with Fried Rice & Soba and Vegetables.

Monica brought the table one more delightful surprise, Japanese Yogurt Juice for dessert. It was so light and summery. It had a unique flavor that was sweet, but had a touch of sour. The drinks looked like a tray full of White Russians upon delivery. You should have seen our faces at Noon on a Wednesday!

The Lunch Bunch is so excited to have a new Sushi and Japanese Cuisine place in town. And for all of you working with the Lowcountry Medical Group, Sushi Sakana is a quick, easy and charming eatery for a midday meal!

Thank you Choi and Monica for a wonderful lunch! I’ll be sure to come back and get my pair of chopsticks!

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