Pinkies Up with the Lunch Bunch

Spotted by the Lunch Bunch: Several Buggy Tours filled with pleasant tourists eager to see the beauty of Downtown Beaufort.

By Wendy Pollitzer

May 13, 2010

Kathy Dilsaver and Colette Wright

This week, we had the pleasure of being pampered by Colette Wright, owner of English Afternoon Tea Parties and Events. We ate on Elizabeth’s extra wide Lowcountry porch at her adorable downtown cottage. Colette did all of the work, from bringing dishes, to setting the table. That’s her niche. She brings a lovely afternoon tea with all the fixings to you.

And what a treat it was. Colette brought her friend, Kathy Dilsaver to help. Colette is originally from Manchester, England and knows a thing or two about a formal tea. And Kathy, long time Beaufortonian was as knowledgeable about southern hospitality.  You know, you have to love Beaufort. If you talk long enough, you’ll make some connection about who you know. As we talked, I realized that Kathy’s son Ryan and I were on the same co-ed softball team that represented the Beaufort Clemson Club. We played against those obnoxious Beaufort Gamecocks, of course. (I hope everyone knows I’m joking)!  And we realized we had a table full of Clemson fans…Elizabeth, Kim, Kathy and myself.

Additionally, Kathy’s brother, Billy North, was on the cover of my Images of America: Port Royal book, which she’d just purchased a few weeks ago. She said, “Pollitzer…any kin to Big Stratty?” And so the connections were made.

I digress.  Colette and Kathy made the most amazing food that surprisingly filled us up! And again, they brought all of the dishes and prepared the setting, so we didn’t have to lift a finger. It’s the perfect idea for a bridge game, bridal luncheon or book club. They do all of the work for you! In fact, Kim wants to hire Colette for her daughter’s upcoming birthday. I might talk my 6-year-old into the same idea!

We were served buffet style in the kitchen and brought our food outside on this beautiful May afternoon. The duo made scones, with raisins and without, served fresh fruit with a delicious whipped cream dip and prepared finger sandwiches perfect for a light lunch.

We chose from three sandwiches: a cucumber with white vinegar on white bread, a cucumber mint on wheat and an egg salad on both wheat and white breads. We all loved the cucumber/white vinegar combo. It was refreshing and summery.

And then we indulged ourselves with two cakes, a Black Forest Gateau and a Hummingbird Cake, hands-down my favorite cake of all time! My grandmother always made it for my birthdays growing up. Ooh…so delicious with pecans, pineapple, dates and a cream cheese icing. The Gateau is layered with chocolate cake, whipped cream and cherries. Oh, April and Heather, you both missed a good Lunch Bunch this week! Your Weight Watchers points would have been axed very quickly! And, by the way, Happy Belated Birthday April!

And how can I forget the teas? Oh, we felt so British! Colette served both an Earl Gray and an English Afternoon tea, accompanied by milk, sugar cubes and lemon. I particularly liked the Earl Gray, but the others preferred the English Afternoon. The dishes were so fancy too! The tea was served in fine china with a variety of beautiful floral patterns.

Colette educated us on the principle behind holding your pinky up when you drink tea. It has nothing to do with etiquette or socio-economic class. It is purely functional. If you hold the handle of the tea cup with your thumb and fore finger, your pinky must be pointed outward to balance the weight of the cup. So actually, the placement of your fingers on the handle would be noted by Emily Post first, not the locale of your pinky.

If you’re interested in a no-hassle, formal tea party, you need to call Colette Wright with English Afternoon Tea Parties and Events at 812-6364! You’ll be treated to good food, delightful conversation, no preparatory work, and the best part…no clean-up! Tell the girls the Lunch Bunch sent you!

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