Luther’s, where it’s always rare, well-done and fun

By Wendy Pollitzer

March 10, 2011

DSCN7813The Lunch Bunch went to Luther’s Rare and Well Done, located in the heart of Downtown Beaufort.  Formerly Luther’s Pharmacy, the building is a staple in the streetscape of historic Bay Street.  Michael “Stretch” Stavac invited us to sample Luther’s specialties, and boy were we excited to enjoy the food and the view!

We sat waterfront, of course, with the beautiful Beaufort River within eyesight. If you’re at all familiar with the Big Chill soundtrack, as I believe most of our readers are, you’ll recognize “The Weight” by The Band. It played as we ordered, and we couldn’t help but feel nostalgic as we reminisced a bit about the movie that put Beaufort on the map.

Pot Stickers

Fried Pickles

We were pampered with appetizers.  When you go to Luther’s, you must get the Fried Pickles, spicy battered spears paired with a side of Ranch dressing. They are simply delicious.  We also got the Pot Stickers, because “Stretch” says (printed on the menu) that we “gotta have ‘em.”  He was right!  The stuffed fried wontons wraps served with teriyaki sauce were incredible.

Shrimp and Crab Dip with Bugels

Lastly, Pamela ordered the crab and shrimp dip for the table. She suggested them as a Must –Have as well. She was right too!  The dip is served with the classic snack, bugels.  Maybe it’s my age, but bugels take me right back to the 80’s, I guess a time when I cared less about excess salt and calories than I do now.

I digress.  So all three appetizers are Must-Haves. They are perfect for the table, especially this time of year…March Madness.  Get a group together, order some tasty samplers and watch some exciting basketball on one of the many t.v.’s at Luther’s.

Shrimp Burger

Elizabeth ordered the Shrimp Burger, one of the few in town that are actually served as a patty.  Kim and April asked for burgers as well, but not from the sea.

Brewsky Burger

BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger

Kim ordered the Brewsky Burger (named for a former Bartender at Luther’s),  a Char Crust® Garlic and Peppercorn cheeseburger topped with blue cheese, bacon and grilled onions. April got the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, made with SOCO barbeque sauce and cheddar.  They were both very pleased, and left with no boxes.

Grouper Po Boy

Spinach Salad with Grilled Shrimp

French Onion Soup

Barry opted for one of the specials, a grilled Grouper Po’ Boy, flavored with lemon pepper. Both Pamela and I asked for the Spinach Salad, which featured mushrooms, bacon, boiled egg and provolone with Balsalmic dressing. I also got a cup of the French Onion Soup, served Luther’s style with sautéed ribeye added to the savory consommé.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our entrees. Luther’s is a hit with locals and tourists alike. It’s the neighborhood bar where everyone can enjoy an ice-cold beverage and watch a game. It’s also a great spot to enjoy the scenery of kids playing in Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park. And, it’s always a THE place on Bay street to get a nice juicy steak, rare or well-done! Thanks Stretch for having the Lunch Bunch.

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