Lunch Bunch goes to Yes Thai, Indeed!

by Wendy Pollitzer

Feb. 18, 2010

Yes, we indeed enjoyed ourselves at the Boundary Street eatery, Yes Thai, Indeed!The Lunch Bunch sans Heather met on Tuesday at the unique midday meal spot. Did you know the building used to be a Kentucky Fried Chicken? I didn’t. A Beaufort Native told me.

We sat, having to wait briefly since it was so packed…a good sign in these economic times! Service was fast, and we quickly ordered some dumplings. All of us were starving!

Christina and I ordered from the Specials menu. She got the Pineapple rice and I asked for the Mango shrimp. I think we both had visions of the tropics on this cold February day.

April, a Thai novice, ordered the Pad Thai based on expert Thai advice from Elizabeth and Kim. The sisters ordered their favorites; Kim wanted the Massaman Curry plate while Elizabeth craved the Pad Kee Mao.

We were all chatting about the week when we were surprised with individual servings of Tom Yom soup. None of us were expecting this with our meals, and were pleasantly surprised!

Hands down, Christina won with the best dish! We all sampled each other’s meals, and hers was the tastiest! The pineapple added a sweet perspective, but didn’t overpower the spicy flavors of the typical Thai dish. Whoa, it was good!

The rest of us were more than content with our selections. My mango shrimp was flattering while Kim’s mild chili paste plate was ever pleasing. And Elizabeth’s stir-fried noodle dish was prepared perfectly al dente!

We are all working with April. Being the newbie to Thai, she needs a little more persuasion to eastern cuisine. If anyone wants to treat her to more, I’m sure she’ll give it another try! Pad Thai was a little overwhelming to her palate. But she’s game to try it again!

Thanks to Yes Thai, Indeed for a memorable and tasty lunch!

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