Lunch Bunch goes to The Original Steamer

By Wendy Pollitzer

Mar. 4, 2010

imagesThe Lunch Bunch visited an old favorite last week. We enjoyed an afternoon at The Original Steamer.

The main restaurant was under renovation, so we ate in what I call, “The Annex.” The entrance has a fresh new look with a brick landing.  And, by the time this article appears, the floors will be refurbished and renovations in the main building will be complete. General Manager, Lisa Elder and Chef Kent Klein are excited to invite their customers back to the welcomed changes.

So how do you go wrong at Steamers? Elizabeth and I were craving grease! We were all about fried food on Wednesday. Lizzy got the fried shrimp basket and a loaded baked potato, “the best in town,” she says. They use real bacon. Everything is better with real bacon! And the shrimp was impeccably fried.

I got the ½ fried oyster, ½ broiled shrimp basket with fries. My body might have been craving grease, but my mind was counting calories. I was not disappointed! The kebob-style shrimp was cooked to perfection! And the oysters were oh so tasty!

April ordered the BBQ sliders. They had just enough slaw inside to make the bite crunchy. She also asked for a salad instead of fries. She was being the good girl! April was extra pleased with her meal, so much so that she didn’t want to go home. Well, to be fair, her heat went out in her house, and it was COLD on Wednesday!

Kim chose the deviled crabs, a lowcountry staple. The two came in little crab-shaped tins that were adorable! The meal came with two sides and a baked potato. Thankfully, Kim didn’t have any leftovers this week prior to coming to Lunch Bunch, so she was able to enjoy the entire portion.

Heather had the crab cakes, an ideal portion if you’re in the mood for a light lunch. And Christina won with best dish again. She ordered the shrimp burger. But shhh, don’t tell Jared at the Gym, she says!

Expect new surprises at Steamers when you go for lunch or dinner. They will boast a new wall of fame, where photos of recent marine graduates and their families will hang. And graduates will eat free! Also, Steamers is starting a Birthday Club. You’ll be able to take $5.00 off a birthday lunch or $10.00 off a birthday diner. And if you come in with a crowd of 6 or more, Steamers will throw in a free dessert.

On Saturday, March 13 from Noon to 5pm, come to Steamers and show your support for our marines in Afghanistan and Iraq. All proceeds will go to the Moss Creek Marines “Adopt a Combat Unit Program.”  The Steamer will serve Frogmore Stew, Chile, Pilled Pork, Beer and More! Tickets are $1 each.

Thank you to The Original Steamer for an excellent lunch! We’ll be back for sure!

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