Lunch Bunch dines at Upper Crust

Spotted at Lunch Bunch this week: Colden and Patricia Battey and Kelly Lesesne, owner of Carolina Jasmine

by Wendy Pollitzer

Mar. 11, 2010


imagesThe sextet ate at another Lady’s Island staple this week, Upper Crust Pizzeria at 97 Sea Island Parkway.

We began lunch with a conversation about how much fun we’re having with the Lunch Bunch.  People all over town are commenting on our spots. I even had a woman call my personal cell the other day to ask me the location of a restaurant we covered in a previous issue.

A group of 6 women ate at a local establishment recently, and it was overheard that the wait staff asked if they were the Lunch Bunch. We’re getting popular!  So we’ve decided to ask community members to join us at Lunch Bunch every week. Beginning next issue, we’ll highlight our invited table guest.

This week, we enjoyed ourselves at the Italian eatery every busy family in Beaufort likes to frequent during the hectic days and evenings of softball and baseball games, tennis matches, play rehearsals, etc. Don’t have time to cook, let’s go to Upper Crust! Isn’t it amazing how many Saltines and butter crackers your kids can eat in 5 minutes?

Veggie Wrap

Chicken Wrap

Christina and Elizabeth ordered wraps, a veggie and chicken wrap. Both were rolled in a super-crunchy bread, almost like a thin-crust pizza dough. Elizabeth upgraded from chips to fries, always a good decision!

Kim got the Eggplant Parmesan and a salad. She loves a good pasta meal! I asked for the Greek Salad with chicken, a favorite my friend Wendi and I used to order weekly when our kids were babies.

Eggplant Parmesan

Upper Crust Chicken Salad with Fries

I’ll end with a story about April. Every Wednesday, she and her husband order from Upper Crust. The restaurant has her cell number on file and knows exactly what she wants…the original Chicken Salad with Fries, no pepper, no olives, no onions and honey mustard.  The salad has French Fries on it! The Lunch Bunch personally renamed her dish, “The Ackerman.”

Thanks Upper Crust for the quick service and the delicious meals! We’ll be back soon!

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