Lunch Bunch Dines at Grouper’s

Spotted by the Lunch Bunch this week: Nancy Ware and Kathy Charbonnier

By Wendy Pollitzer

Apr. 15, 2010


This week the Lunch Bunch traveled to Grouper’s, located on Factory Creek (where Ollie’s used to be). Decorated with Caribbean colors and artwork, the restaurant boasts a boater-friendly atmosphere. The large deck is a perfect spot to dine after those late-summer evenings on the river.

Owned by Sally and Caesar Moona and operated by their son, Donnie, Grouper’s offers traditional Lowcountry fare as well as Island cuisine.  You’ll even see Goat on the menu!

We started with some Grouper bites and hush puppies for the table. And, oh were they yummy… and perfectly fried! I would love it if someone could email me and let me know where the term hush puppies originated!  The first person to do so will appear in next week’s Lunch Bunch column! Email, ATTN: Wendy.

Three of the Lunch Bunchers were craving shrimp! Heather ordered the Southern Marinated Shrimp, served in a Martini glass.  Christina asked for the Shrimp Po Boy, and Boy, did it have a lot of shrimp! And Elizabeth got the Shrimp, Mango and Jicama Salad served with red onions and a pineapple vinaigrette.

April, our truest Carolina Girl, opted for the Carolina Barbequed Sandwich with a side of sweet potato fries. I just learned that BBQ originated in Port Royal. Janie Lackman (today’s Profile) was talking to me about the Friends of Caroline Hospice event, Bands, Brews and Barbeques to be held on Labor Day Weekend. She explained to me that the past South Carolina BBQ Association president, Lake High, created a history of BBQ.  And sure enough, BBQ came from the Lowcountry! Attention Larry Rowland: another Beaufort connection!

Kim and I wanted the grouper, since the restaurant chose its namesake. Kim got the grilled grouper with veggies. And I loved the pecan and cranberry-crusted grouper over a bed of greens.

Thanks Groupers for your hospitality!  We’ll be back, next time by boat!

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