Lunch Bunch dines at Fryed Green Tomatoes and Rita’s Italian Ice

By Wendy Pollitzer

Feb. 25, 2010

This week the Lunch Bunch ate at Fryed Green Tomatoes. The group enjoyed the cafeteria-style atmosphere and the friendly service, but especially liked the huge portions!

Christina couldn’t be with us this week. She was attending Ash Wednesday Service at St. Peter’s Catholic Church.

April knew from the start she’d have the Fryed Green Tomato BLT. But get this… she added an egg to it, and made it a BELT! Only in the South!

Kim was eager to try the Oyster Po Boy. Since she doesn’t like bread, she ate the fried oysters off the sandwich.  Her side of collards were particularly good, but SPICY! She didn’t taste them before she doused them with Texas Pete Pepper Sauce.  Whoa, they were hot!

Elizabeth settled with the Meat and Three. She ordered fried chicken with white gravy, green beans, mac n’ cheese and fried okra. She had to order an extra side of white gravy, because it was so yummy! And the chicken…really good and crunchy!

Heather enjoyed the Tri-Salad plate with chicken, tuna and shrimp salads on top of greens. If you like mayonnaise, you’ll love the chicken salad! The shrimp salad was by far her favorite!

With the exception of Heather and myself (who had the Special Crab and Spinach Quiche), everyone took home boxes of complete meals for dinner. Like I said, the portions were enormous!

Since the meals were set a good price points, and most of us carried home our dinners, Fryed Green Tomatoes was a cost-effective spot to dine this week!

Within walking distance is Rita’s Italian Ice. The Lunch Bunch was invited by Will and Grace Hein, Rita’s owners to enjoy dessert after our lunch. Can you say DELICIOUS!

Grace wasn’t in the store, but Will served us as we drooled over our samples.

For those of you who haven’t been to Rita’s, you should know that everything is made from scratch everyday with no imitation ingredients.

Kim missed out! She had to go get her hair done while the rest of us got spoiled! Most of the Lunch Bunch took pleasure in the Gelati, a layering of your favorite Italian Ice and Frozen Custard of Slenderita fat-free soft serve! April had the Birthday Cake Slenderita, while Christina (who was able to make it after Ash Wednesday Service) enjoyed the Strawberry Margarita. Elizabeth loved the Black Cherry Slenderita while Heather was perfectly content with the Green Apple. I was the oddball who ordered the coffee-flavored frozen custard with hot fudge sauce.  I was in Heaven!

Will and Grace are gracious hosts. Every Super Bowl and First Day of Spring (ironically also the birthday of Will and myself…March 21st… hint, hint), Rita’s gives away FREE cups of Italian Ice. Just come in the store on Boundary Street, and get a free dessert. No gimmicks, just smiles! Last year, Will and Grace gave away over 1500 cups of the flavorful treats on the First Day of Spring. This year, that day comes on March 20th, not the 21st.  Be sure to mark your calendars! You won’t be let down!

The Lunch Bunch was especially grateful to Will and Grace for inviting us to their establishment. What a treat! Now that the weather is getting a bit warmer, do yourself a favor and visit Rita’s Italian Ice in Beaufort Town Center. Tell them the Lunch Bunch sent you!

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