Lunch Bunch Dines at Bistro Patois

By Wendy Pollitzer

September 23, 2010

Nicholas Miranda (left) and Penn Ten Eyck

Once again, the Lunch Bunch had the divine pleasure of going to dinner instead of the usual lunch this week, and we were more than pleased with our experience, our food and our service!  Director of Operations at Plums, Inc., Chip Dinkins and Chef de Cuisine, Penn Ten Eyck of Bistro Patois invited us to the old-French style restaurant in Habersham Marketplace.

Bistro Patois is a gem of a dining establishment. If you haven’t been, make reservations this evening!  It’s incredible. I mean everything is top-notch.  The quaint dining room reminds one of a true French farmhouse on the countryside. The food is simple, yet bursts with flavor. Dishes are comfortable and approachable, yet served with elegance and flair.

Executive Chef at Plum’s Inc. is Jim Spratling. His commitment to utilizing fresh, regional ingredients and locally farmed produce strengthens his already solid relationship with area farmers, many who know “Chef Jim” by first name.

Nicholas Miranda served the table. His professionalism and charm impressed the Lunch Bunch.  He was our server last time we visited during lunch, and we were happy to work with him again.

Nicholas brought the table a delicious Cheese Plate, complete with farm fresh crumbled Blue Cheese served with tasty blueberries and Tupelo Honey from Bluffton.  The trio melted in our mouths. It was the perfect combination of bitter and sweet.

Unfortunately Christina and Heather could not join us this week. However, we were delighted with the company of Pamela Uhles, a new friend of The Island News.

Pamela ordered the Steamed Mussels Mariniere, served with white wine, garlic and herbs to start. Elizabeth and Kim shared the Beef Tartare, accompanied by capers, shallots, Dijon mustard and baguette toasts. Both appetizers were amazing.

April did not order an appetizer. Get this. She ordered dessert first. She was craving something sweet and said, “What the hell.”  I’m reminded of the quote, “Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first” by Ernestine Ulmer.  I just love April’s attitude. If only everyone could get a little bit of April, we’d all live uncomplicated, happy lives!

Anyway, April ordered the Chocolate Mousse, made by none other that Susan Zara of SuZara’s Bakery.  Sea salt was sprinkled on top for added zest.  Oh, it was yummy! You can never really go wrong with SuZara’s baking.

April then asked for the Grilled Skirt Steak served with maitre d’hôtel butter and pommes frites.  Pamela asked for the Duck Leg Confit and Summer Vegetables while I opted for the Flounder A’ La Meuniere with sautéed sweet peas and a slab of bacon.  The three of us were pleasurably satisfied with our meals.

Kim and Elizabeth quarreled a bit over who was going to order the Pan Seared Sea Scallops, served with a cauliflower puree, plump golden raisins and capers. Kim won (the older sister always does)!  So Elizabeth asked Nicholas for the Gnocchi A’ La Parisienne, summer mushrooms (grown on Woody Collins farm) and pearl onions.  She was glad she did. It was such an interesting and tasty dish.

Lunch Bunch Favorite: Pan Seared Scallops with Cauliflower Puree

So Kim won for favorite dish. The Pan Seared Scallops were out of this world. But even more scrumptious was the cauliflower puree that accompanied the meal. It was so good, we ordered a side for the entire table to share. The flavor was simply awesome!

Nicholas then brought more Chocolate Mousse for the rest of us who enjoy sweets after dinner. We also shared crème Brule, which was equally flavorsome.  Needless to say, we were all quite replete.

Thank you to the staff at Bistro Patois for another unforgettable experience.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

And remember to make your reservations today by calling 379-2207. You may also visit and view the full menu.

If you’re interested in hosting the Lunch Bunch at your establishment, please email us at We’d love to come visit!

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