Lunch Bunch Dines Al Fresco at Nippy’s

Spotted this week by the Lunch Bunch: Katherine and Ashley Hefner, Mandy Griffin, Sean O’Connell, Colin Crumpton and Robert Boles

By Wendy Pollitzer

May 20, 2010

UnknownWhen it’s a sunny afternoon in the Lowcountry with the temperature steady at 85° and minimal humidity, a true Beaufortonian will eat outside and enjoy the weather. And a lunch date can’t begin without commenting on the beautiful day. As each of us walked up to the table at Nippy’s on West Street in Downtown Beaufort, we all remarked about the pleasant conditions outside. We were at the right place on the perfect day in May!

If you want to dine at a casual eatery al fresco, Nippy’s is the place to go! Owned and operated by Diana Deaner and Robin McGrath, Nippy’s reminds me of a beach shack in Southern California. The tunes of Jimmy Buffet or Jack Johnson play in the background, the menu is jam-packed with seafood items, and the service is relaxed, yet quick and friendly. It’s just plain cool!

Most of us had the fish tacos, a staple at Nippy’s. Heather ordered her fish blackened, while I requested fried (lightly fried FIT trainers)! Elizabeth chose a fish taco and a shrimp taco, both blackened. “My favorite is the shrimp, although the fish is pretty darn good too,” she says.

Christina knew she wanted the shrimp basket claiming Nippy’s has “the best shrimp in town!” You think she’s been here a time or two?

April, our meat and potatoes girl, chose the bacon cheeseburger, not seafood but delicious nonetheless!

Kim got the flounder basket, fried like me! The basket comes with choice of fries or onion rings. We had so many baskets of fries and onion rings around the table, we were sure not to go hungry!

Okay, 5 words to remember next time you’re at Nippy’s: Malt Vinegar on French Fries! Oh, so tasty! Elizabeth introduced it to us, and we were hooked! I remember putting it on my fish as a kid, but never my fries. I’m a fan now, and you will be too.

Every Thursday Nippy’s offers a Corn Hole Tournament. Elizabeth and I have gone, and it is a lot of fun! Choose a partner and play all night. It can get quite intense sometimes. There are some seriously good Corn Hole players out there. And, they have live music! What better way to spend a Thursday evening than drinking a beer, throwing a bean bag and listening to acoustic!

It’s a long, cold winter for the owners at Nippy’s. Since most of it’s sitting area is outside, people tend to come when the weather is warm. Well folks, the time has come to frequent Nippy’s! The days might be getting hotter, but never fear. Giant live oaks canopy over the tables at Nippy’s. There’s always shade! And, there is bar seating inside for those who dig the AC!

Diana and Robin are such nice people. When you’re at Nippy’s, you feel welcomed and appreciated.  It’s probably one of the most unpretentious dining establishments in Beaufort. Even if you’re in a suit, you’ll feel like you’re wearing flip-flops and Bermuda shorts by the time you leave.

Thanks Nippy’s for a laid back and appetizing dining experience. It’s always a pleasure!

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