Lots of Smiling Faces at Happy’s

Spotted by the Lunch Bunch: Fran Tuttle, Mike Jones and Tom Davis (the local musician, not our State Sen.)

By Wendy Pollitzer

June 24, 2010


The Lunch Bunch was all smiles at Happy’s Sandwiches, Scoops and Sweets, located at 7 Robert Small Parkway in the Staples/Big Lots Shopping Center. This small eatery is Beaufort’s diamond in the ruff waiting for everyone to find it.Owned and operated by Cle and Rachel Daniels, Happy’s is known for its courteous service, fast delivery and repeat customers.  Once you dine there, you’ll be a regular. And Cle will make sure your next visit was as good as the first.

The clever names for the sandwiches made ordering fun.  And when Cle told us all of his breads were made from scratch, we all drooled at the selections of herb, white or honey wheat. We could also choose from a white, jalapeño cheddar or tomato basil wrap.

April, who arrived first and ready to eat ordered the Hunka Hunka Honey Ham. And, oh did she love saying that!  Just picture April with her best Elvis impersonation and a curled up lip. The ham and Swiss was delivered in a tomato basil wrap with honey mustard dressing the interior of the extra filling Burnin’ Love delight.

Christina asked for the Happy Veggie, a sandwich with avocado, spinach and your choice of veggie accompanied by the restaurant’s signature Happy Sauce.  She commented about how fresh and crisp the vegetables tasted. She also chose a package of Utz potato chips as her side. Daniels has these Fed-EXed from Pennsylvania, because they are not sold as wholesale items. He orders in bulk though. These potato chips are out of this world!

We were fortunate to have Christina’s mom, Bea, or as Christina call her, Madres, with us at Happy’s.  Madres quickly spotted the Porto-Royale on the menu.  This creation consisted of oven roasted Portobello mushrooms layered with provolone, spinach and red and green onions on Honey Wheat bread.  We all knew Christina had good taste, and now we know where she got it! Bea won this time for best dish! It was yummy!

Elizabeth got the Starvin’ Parvin, which was packed with ingredients. Turkey, ham, bacon, cheddar and jack cheeses, lettuce, tomato, red onions, sprouts, pickles, yellow mustard, Cajun mayo and a dash of garlic powder on herb bread was oh so tasty. Elizabeth said, “It’s kind of like a sub, but not as bready. It’s very good!”

I ordered the Happy Jack, turkey, Monterey jack, tomato, avocado and spinach on herb bread with Happy Sauce.  “It’s the favorite item on the menu for returning customers,” says Cle. I see why. It was so flavorful and summery. I especially liked my selection of the herb bread paired with this sandwich. I took the other half home, excited to eat it later only to find it gone from the refrigerator the following day. My hungry sister-in-law was in town and found it first. Boo-hoo. Cle, can I can back and get another, please?

Heather asked for the Born to BLT, the All-American lunch staple on Honey Wheat bread. How do you go wrong with bacon on anything? Heather agreed.

Heather’s super sweet baby girl, Skylar was with us again. Her mama ordered her a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich. Uh, hello everyone with kids out there. This is a must for the little ones! They get their protein with a little sweet excitement!

We ended lunch with two super tasty cupcakes, the Red Velvet and the Chocolate Chocolate cupcake. All of the cakes, cupcakes and cookies are also made from scratch. In addition, there is a huge selection of ice cream flavors for the young and old alike. Remember, save room for dessert! You won’t be sorry!

To see photos of our fabulous sandwiches, go online to www.YourIslandNews.com. We’ll also post a link to Happy’s website, so you can order online.

Thanks so much Cle for a Happy visit! We thoroughly enjoyed the food and we’ll be back again. You’ve made us repeat customers!

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