La Tribu de Almuerzo Cenamos en Burger Taco de la Semana

(The Lunch Bunch Dines at Taco Burger This Week)

By Wendy Pollitzer

July 15, 2010

The Lunch Bunch dined at Port Royal’s best-kept secret this week, San Jose Taco Burger at 1742 Ribaut Road. You’ve probably passed it many times, and hopefully stopped in and gave it a try.

Well if you haven’t, you will now. It is inexpensive, fast and delicious! The authentic Mexican fare is made fresh daily and most items on the menu range in price from $1.99 to $3.50. Combos will cost a little more, but the meals include sides.

Got a car full of kids with differing opinions on where to eat? No problem. You’ve got American and Mexican choices at Taco Burger. Their menu is packed with burritos, tacos, tortas (Mexican sandwiches), quesadillas, burgers and hot dogs, and they are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And best yet, they have a drive-thru!

While we waited for the orders to come, we went to the condiment bar to load up. Taco Burger allows the patron to get as much salsa, tomatillo sauce and cilantro as they like. They also have the most scrumptious pickled carrots and jalapeños on the condiment bar to accompany the dishes. But we ate them as appetizers, and they disappeared pretty quickly.

Christina asked for two orders of chips and guacamole to start for the table. Man, oh man was it good! You could really taste the fresh cilantro.  And it was prepared with chunks of avocado stirred in, which we all preferred over extra creamy guacamole.

My girls joined the Lunch Bunch this week. I’d love to say it was a fun visit, but Crabby Abbie was anything but cooperative on this particular day. Poor thing was tired, bored and sick of adult conversation. Looking back, I wish I had let her bring a friend. Sorry Ab! I hope you at least liked your beef tacos made with homemade corn tortillas! Julia really liked her chicken taco! And both of them adored the corn tortilla chips that accompany each meal.

Elizabeth and I also had the hard chicken tacos, while Kim likened to the soft chicken taco. Again, all the tacos are made with homemade shells that are super crunchy and yummy. And, priced at $1.99 a piece, you could order for the family and stay under Ten bucks! What a deal!

Christina got the torta pastor (marinated pork sandwich) stuffed with lettuce, avocado, tomato, onions, beans and mayonnaise.  She was more than pleased with her selection; and yet again, I think Christina won for best dish!

Heather and April went toward the American side, but each of their dishes had a touch of Mexican detail. Heather wanted the chili cheese fries, but unlike the American staple, this dish was smothered with tasty queso dip. Oh, let me tell you how good this was! April ordered the restaurants namesake, the Taco Burger, a beef patty on a soft shell tortilla topped with cheese, lettuce and hot sauce. She loved it!

San Jose Taco Burger is owned and operated by Ramona Dore.  Next time you’re over that way, stop in and tell Ramona the Lunch Bunch sent you! And don’t forget to try the pickled carrots and jalapeños!  Thanks Taco Burger for a delectable lunch that was easy on the wallet!

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