Kids Again at Pizza Inn

By Wendy Pollitzer

Apr. 22, 2010

Lunch Bunch: April Ackerman, Heather Bruner, Christina Byrne, Kim Harding Gallant, Elizabeth Harding and Wendy Pollitzer

This week the Lunch Bunch had the thrill of being kids again. We dined at Pizza Inn at Town Center and were treated to an afternoon of good food, quality service and youthful entertainment.

The friendly Manager, Brandy Gray, led us to our private room, typically used for birthday parties. We sat and noticed a giant cup of quarters on the table, waiting for us to spend them in the video games that chirped at us in the next room. You can only imagine the anticipation!

If you’re a fan of a good pie, you’d be in Italian heaven at Pizza Inn, owned by Jim and Cynthia Gray. We all had enormous appetites, so we started with the salad bar (loaded with toppings), gorged ourselves with pizza and concluded with tasty desserts!

DSCI0141Take a look at all the pizzas the Inn offered: Zesty Buffalo Chicken, Pizza Inn Special (kind-of like a Supreme), Bacon Cheddar Ham, Bacon Cheeseburger (complete with pickles), the Veggie Max, Chicken Fajita, Pepperoni and Cheese. The bar also has breadsticks, spaghetti and meatballs and macaroni and cheese for the kiddos.

The Lunch Bunch agreed that the Zesty Buffalo Chicken was the best! Definitely try it when you go!

We then headed for the desserts, cleverly dubbed Pizzerts. We chose from Fruit, Chocolate Chip, Bavarian Crème and Cinnamon Stromboli Pizzerts.  I have to say, the Bavarian Crème was my favorite, although everyone else really liked the Stromboli.

DSCI0129So after lunch, we headed to the Game Room.  Kim was especially ready to put a tight hold on the joystick and maneuver Pac Man around the dots and away from the ghosts. But, when she put her quarters in, she accidentally chose Gallaga instead of Pac Man. No problem! I love Gallaga!  I stole the joystick and started firing shots at those spaceships with rage! The game didn’t last long though; I think I’ve lost my touch.

DSCI0139Elizabeth and Christina were determined to win a stuffed animal in that non-winnable machine that everyone loves to hate. You know the one, the big mechanical arm that drops and gets hold of an arm or leg of a $0.59 stuffed animal only to drop it elsewhere in the pile. Why are we bull-headed enough to waste $3.00 in quarters for this?

DSCI0140Now, April and Heather chose to spend their quarters on the machine (sorry, can’t remember the names of these) that is kind-of like Tetris. You have to stack blocks to the top without getting out of vertical order And, the prizes are always super cool. But, they didn’t win either.  Darn these games!

Oh well… we didn’t win any grand prizes, but man did we have a ball in the Game Room! Take a look at the pictures online at You’ll notice a lot of smiles!

Thanks for your hospitality Brandy. Everyone at Pizza Inn was kind and courteous, and extra willing to serve.  It’s always nice to frequent a restaurant with so many welcoming faces.

Since we’re all moms, we’ll definitely be bringing our kids back to enjoy the games soon. But watch out Abbie and Julia (my precious girls), Mommy is determined to excel at Gallaga. We might be at the Inn for a while! I guess I better save my quarters.

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