Keith’s Place Hosts the Lunch Bunch Before Renovations

Spotted by the Lunch Bunch: The Mitchell Brothers Clan and Dr. Gene Grace

By Wendy Pollitzer

November 11, 2010

We’ve been waiting for this one for a long time! For months, Beaufortonians have recommended Keith’s Place for lunch; and finally, it worked out that we could all go.

Keith’s Place, owned and operated by Keith Potts is a local favorite.  The food is just delicious! It’s the kind of food you dream of after a big night.  Just about everything on the menu is worth ordering; it’s all got the perfect amount of grease to satisfy the hungriest appetite, and Keith makes sure he gives you large portions.

And the variety of sandwiches is incredible. You can choose from a huge list of toppings, meats, cheeses and breads if you aren’t in the mood for a hot meal.

I really don’t know why we asked for a sampler platter of onion rings, mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers and fried ravioli. We knew we were about to get stuffed with our entrees; but we ordered it anyway.  Oh man, you can never go wrong with a plate of flour-battered fried food! We polished it off pretty quickly.

The Cheeseburger: A Must-Have at Kieths Place

The cheeseburger came highly recommended. So I ordered it all the way with a side of fries.  I have to say, it might be the best in Beaufort!

Pamela, our new Copy Editor, opted for the chicken wrap while Elizabeth got the Italian sub. Heather asked for eight medium wings with ranch on the side. All the girls were very pleased and definitely needed boxes for leftovers.

April, still counting Weight Watchers points ordered the roast beef and turkey on wheat. To date, April has lost 9 pounds. We are so proud of her. It took strong will power to opt for a healthy choice at Keith’s!

Lastly Barry, our new ad rep, got the Buffalo chicken sandwich and fries. Barry never needs a to-go box. The boy can eat! And he devoured this meal.

By the time this article comes out, Keith’s Place will likely be closed or almost closed for renovations.  Potts will reopen in 6-8 weeks as Keith’s Steak and Seafood.  He has beautiful plans to expand the restaurant and revamp the popular Ribaut Road spot as a family-style eatery.

The food will stay the same, but the pool tables will disappear. Gone will be the days of the smoke-filled bar and grill. Keith hopes to make the restaurant more inviting to a more diverse crowd to include children. That’s good news for me, Abbie (7) and Julia (6)!

So why write an article about a restaurant about to temporarily close? Well, we wanted to give you a heads up about Keith’s plans and excite you about the February reopening.  Also, we want to remind you that Keith will continue to cater during the Holidays.  Give him a call at 521-9345 to arrange a catered event.

Keith didn’t give a definite date of closure, but said it would be soon. So, it’s also worth a call this week to check to see if they are open.  You better get in there quick for a last meal of 2010! Keith would love a mad rush before the chaos of renovations.

Thanks Keith and Linda, our super-sweet server who pampered us with refills and southern charm. We enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and look forward to coming back in February.  Your food rocked!

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