nurnberg_160812_07556_6836 resizedWendy Nilsen Pollitzer was born and raised in Charleston, SC. She is appreciative of her polite, Southern upbringing, the memories of a carefree childhood exploring the natural landscape of her coastal home and all her life lessons that have resulted from the marriage of tough love and encouraging words.

Wendy’s youth was filled with a myriad of learning opportunities, both scholastic and principled; and through the subtlety of her parent’s nurturing, Wendy’s greatest inheritance is her set of values.

Those values consist of diverse purpose, incorporating physical, environmental, emotional and spiritual awareness. Her parents drafted the schematics giving Wendy confidence to engineer a plan for each and every circumstance in her life; and, Wendy humbly confesses that she’s struggled in recent years to stay on course to remain consistent with those values.

Wendy’s endearing asset, professionally as a writer and personally, is her ability to understand people, all people no matter the degree of diversity . She can easily blend carefree conversation with sensitivity and depth, while finding similarities between the person with whom she’s speaking and hers.

One of the most memorable lessons Wendy ever learned was from her mother, Shirley Nilsen. She said, “ Always appreciate what the person in front of you is saying. You will grow by listening to their story.”

Shirley Nilsen had an aspiration of becoming a professional writer. She was a dedicated working mother and wife and was not afforded the time to pursue her dream. Her first priority was her children, and later, grandchildren. But, that’s not to say she didn’t write. She wrote poems, short stories, biographies, you name it. And from what Wendy has read, she is naturally talented.

Wendy’s mother was her inspiration to begin a career in writing, and she continues to practice what her mother preached. Wendy has a gift of listening to her subjects and recreating their stories in her own, reinforcing words. She writes from a genuine impression, narrating heart, soul and truth first. Her authentic understanding of people yields sincere script and consistently resonates optimism thanks to the social graces she learned from her father.

“I’ve always looked at the positive in people. Some might call that naïve, but I know that every person has a story, a good story. I get that from my Dad. He doesn’t have a social agenda; he just likes to meet new people.” says Wendy.

As she maintains her writing career, Wendy balances time between her professional life and raising two beautiful, smart and equally capable daughters.

“There is no greater pleasure in life than watching your children succeed,” says Wendy. “My daughters are my inspirations now. I answer their questions the best I can, smile and accept that I’m vulnerable to unexpected challenges. I learn from them every day.”

Wendy Pollitzer resides in Beaufort, SC with her two daughters. She currently writes for local and regional publications. Her parents, married for forty-five years, reside in Mt. Pleasant, SC and continue to stimulate Wendy’s desire for personal exploration and growth.

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Wendy Pollitzer is a versatile writer living in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

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"I love Wendy Pollitzer’s writing. Her instincts are remarkable, her nose for truth infallible. I can’t pick up a journal or magazine that she’s written for without going straight to the table of contents in search of her piece. What I think is so interesting about her work is that she really believes in what she’s doing, in getting it right. She’s very, very good. "— Pat Conroy (Prince of Tides, South of Broad) 1945-2016