Happy Mother’s Day

Mom and I

My mom, Shirley Nilsen, and I on Isle of Palms

My mother taught me everything…how to be a strong woman, how to be a caring friend, how to be a respected professional, how to also be a loving mother. One of the most memorable lessons I ever learned was from her. She said,

“ Always appreciate what the person in front of you is saying. You will grow by listening to their story.”

My mom had an aspiration of becoming a professional writer. She was a dedicated working mother and wife and was not afforded the time to pursue her dream. Her first priority was her children, and later, grandchildren. But, that’s not to say she didn’t write. She wrote poems, short stories, biographies, you name it. And from everything I’ve read, she is naturally talented.

My mother was my inspiration to begin a career in writing, and I continue to practice what she preached by listening to people and recreating their stories from a genuine impression…narrating heart, soul and truth first. My authentic understanding of people yields sincere script and consistently resonates optimism thanks to the social grace I learned from her. She wrote these words to me over forty years ago on the day of my birth. They are captured in its original frame, which sits on my bedside table. I look at them everyday and get inspired. I love you Mom.

To Wendy


I look into your eyes and see complete innocence. I wonder how I could have been happy before you came into my life. Your tiny hands reach out to me, loving me already, and I lift you to my face, loving you.


My baby, I have never known a love like yours before. Already you’ve changed my entire lifestyle, my way of living. You’ve put new meaning into my life; and I thank God for you, because He gave me an angel to be my little girl.


As you grow older, I pray I’ll be a good mother and a good friend. I know I can’t shield you from hurt and pain, but I’ll try to dry your tears when you think your heart will break. I’ll tell you to face life head-on, with determination and with respect for yourself and others.


And I hope you’ll be proud you’re a woman, for you are unique; you are an individual, and there is no one else on this earth like you. But most of all, you are my baby. Whatever the future may bring, you’ll always be my baby. And I’ll love you. And love you. And love you.



I give these words to Abbie and Julia now. I love you forever sweet angels.

Me and the girls

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Wendy Pollitzer is a versatile writer living in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

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"I love Wendy Pollitzer’s writing. Her instincts are remarkable, her nose for truth infallible. I can’t pick up a journal or magazine that she’s written for without going straight to the table of contents in search of her piece. What I think is so interesting about her work is that she really believes in what she’s doing, in getting it right. She’s very, very good. "— Pat Conroy (Prince of Tides, South of Broad) 1945-2016