Just Like Home at Shoofly Kitchen

Spotted this week by the Lunch Bunch: Carol Waters, Derek Gilbert, Mary Lohr and Jeff Myers

By Wendy Pollitzer

Apr. 8, 2010


This week the Lunch Bunch felt right at home at Shoofly Kitchen, owned and operated by Roseanne Steele.

Steele, with whom many may be familiar, used to be the chef at Firehouse Café. Since she’s always had a passion for cooking, she recently decided to open a restaurant of her own in Uptown Beaufort at 1209 Boundary Street.

It’s a family affair at Shoofly. David, Steele’s husband and Jo Beth and Nash, their two daughters, all work at the restaurant. Perhaps that’s why there’s such a comfortable feeling at Shoofly.

When the Lunch Bunch sat, we were surprised with individually wrapped cranberry cookies, tastefully bagged with Shoofly’s original logo.  And they were so moist and light! Nothing like a delicious treat bag when you arrive at a restaurant!

As you walk in, the server behind the counter is pleased to take your order. And there are no menus. You order from the large chalkboard up front. Very planet-friendly!

The server will then bring your items in the cutest to-go boxes you’ve ever seen! The box unfolds to become a plate if you’re dining in or can carry well if you’re looking to picnic outside. And again, it’s recyclable!

When Elizabeth, Kim and I arrived, the others had already ordered. Three items were immediately scratched off our list, since it is the Lunch Bunch’s unwritten rule to eat different dishes.

April ordered the Roast Beef and Cheddar Sandwich with a side of the Orzo Salad with Feta Cheese. She absolutely loved it!

Christina opted for the Special Ham and Brie with Cranberry Sandwich. She said it tasted, “very homemade,” and was quite pleased with her selection.

Heather asked for the Cranberry Chicken Salad. Okay, she is searching for the best chicken salad in Beaufort. It is a personal quest.  She’s put Shoofly’s Chicken Salad in her Top 3.  “The pecans were toasted just right,” she says, “and they don’t put a lot of mayo in it.”

Elizabeth and I were torn between the Pimiento Cheese Sandwich and the Crab Quiche. We played Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who would decide.

I won with Scissors (over Paper) and chose the Crab Quiche. Whoa…this quiche was phenomenal! It had so much crab in it, and creamy!

So Elizabeth obviously ordered the Pimiento Cheese on Sourdough. She raved about its perfect amount of mayo (just as Heather did) and the big chunks of cheese in it.

Kim was craving seafood on Wednesday. She liked the Shrimp and Corn Chowder.  And the portion was huge! I’d definitely recommend a bowl!

Roseanne then surprised us again with a platter of cupcakes…Strawberry, Lemon and Boston Crème. Oh Beaufort, you know how much the Lunch Bunch adores our desserts! Once again, we were in Heaven!

In addition to serving lunch, Shoofly also caters special events. If you’re looking to host a bridal shower or Luncheon or want to provide treats for out-of-town guests, call Shoofly with your requests. They can even customize their boxes to match your event with identical color palettes and themes.

Roseanne would be happy to discuss possible menu items for your event. Give her a call at (843) 379-9061 or email her at contact@shooflykitchen.com.  Also, you can take a look at the menu at www.shooflykitchen.com if you want to pick something up to carry out.

Thanks so much Roseanne for a wonderful lunch and such a pleasant experience. We all loved it!

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