Just Another Day at The Office

By Wendy Pollitzer

Apr. 1, 2010

This week the Lunch Bunch never left The Office. But working, we were not! We enjoyed a nice afternoon in the Beaufort Town Center restaurant owned and operated by Jim Laferriere, The Office.

Laferriere and his staff will celebrate The Office’s 1st Anniversary Friday, April 2nd. But, if you cant get in there this Friday, know there’s always a daily special going on that will entice you to this local Sports Bar.

Mondays are Rib night, Tuesdays…”Lobstah” night and Wednesdays, you can get all the Wings you can eat. And, The Office just added a Steak night on Saturdays. A 12-oz. t-bone, hand-cut by Island Meats on Lady’s Island will be served.

Do all of these special nights sound familiar? For you locals, you’ll get a laugh that The Office was just dubbed, “Harold’s East” by one of Laferriere’s patrons.

But don’t worry about choosing a night with Happy Hour specials. The Office hosts Happy Hour every night from 4-7 with $1 off all drinks! And don’t worry if you’ve had too much to drink. The Office offers a free cab ride home if you’ve exceeded your limit. Yes, that’s right Beaufort…I said it, FREE! The Office partnered with Budweiser to bring this unique and kind service to the community. Maybe that’s why The Office remains on the “Safe List” of bars by the U.S. Marine Corps.

And, trust me, you could stay at The Office for hours! They have 23 television screens throughout the restaurant with the capacity to play four games at a time on each TV. Don’t worry about missing a game during March Madness. The Office is sure to have it on! And, the more popular games are shown on their brand-new 100- inch HD flat screen.

In addition to watching sports, you can play a few on your own. The Office has soft and metal darts, ring toss, corn hole, ping (beer) pong and video games. And, with live entertainment nightly, you can play everything while listening to your favorite tunes! They even have Wii for the children! Want to keep the krazy kiddos quiet during a long lunch with friends? Let them play Wii, and they’ll be entertained for the duration!

So, you’ve got to pair good food with fun entertainment. And, The Office won’t let you down! Laferriere makes everything from scratch. The wing sauce, his chili and meat loaf…all homemade. And, both of his daughters, who also work at The Office, have their grandmother’s secret recipe for the family’s famous New England Clam Chowder.

The Lunch Bunch started with some Crab, Spinach and Artichoke dip with pita wedges and chips and salsa, also homemade and delicious!

Most items on the menu are given clever titles, like the Copy Room that April ordered, a hickory smoked bacon and smoked cheddar. And Christina asked for the Filing Cabinet, warm bow-tie pasta tossed with all sorts of toppings, enough to fill…you guessed it…a Filing Cabinet!

Elizabeth dared to try the hot and dried Cajun wings. And they were hot! Good for Lizzy, eatin’ like the boys watching basketball…her favorite pastime in March!

Heather got the Bruschetta Chicken Wrap, Jamaican chicken with feta, bruschetta tomato and greens in a spinach wrap. She said she needed to get her “spinach” for the day. Aye Aye, Popeye!

Kim, the smart girl out of the Lunch Bunch, remembered that Tuesday was “Lobstah” night. So, since it was Wednesday lunch, she asked for a lobster roll, though not on the menu. And Jim was happy to make it for her!

I ordered the open faced Swai Fish Melt. Swai, you ask? Swai is akin to grouper, but farm-raised in Russia. It was nice and flaky like grouper and even better with caramelized onions and smoked Swiss on top!

April then asked for The O.T. for dessert. A warm walnut fudge brownie topped with a Klondike Bar and whipped Cream came out, and the Lunch Bunch devoured it! Good call April!

So okay, the majority of the Lunch Bunch bleeds Clemson Orange. So we were very delighted to learn that The Office is home to the Beaufort Clemson Club! I know where Kim, Elizabeth and I will be if we’re not in Death Valley in the Fall!

The Office is also a Red Sox Nation Location and a New England Patriots Fan Spot.  But even if you’re a Yankee fan, a Colts lover, or heaven forbid, a Gamecock, The Office welcomes friendly rivalry.  Laferriere says, “Bring it!”

If you like sports, good music, weekly specials and tasty food, you’ll love The Office!  Jim Laferriere wants you to have a good time, so take advantage of it! Sit back, watch the game and order a cold one. You’ll be glad you did!

Thanks Jim for a wonderful lunch!

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