Gourmet on Wheels Comes to the Lunch Bunch


By Wendy Pollitzer

June 17, 2010

DSCN6774The Lunch Bunch, sans Heather dined at Kim’s house on Cat Island this week. The meals actually came to us thanks to the generosity of Tony Makar, owner of Gourmet on Wheels.

Makar has found his niche in Beaufort. He’s combined his experience with food and beverage and healthcare to initiate his new business venture.  He wanted the older population to be able to eat healthy, conveniently.

The idea is perfect for the young professional or older couple who don’t like (or want) to cook and have a desire to eat healthy gourmet meals.  It’s for “people who love great taste but don’t have time to eat out or shop and cook.”

The concept is simple. Order your meals online at www.gourmetonwheels.org, and Makar will deliver to your home!  Makar and his 100% Italian mother, Dolores Ziccarello prepare all meals on Mondays at the Lady’s Island Country Club and deliver to your door on Tuesdays. The meals are packed to be enjoyed within a few days of delivery. Just heat them up in microwave or oven, and you’re ready to go!

And oh, are they so good! Each of us ordered from the weekly menu online.  And we were pleasantly surprised when each of us received the large portioned dishes, enough for two people or two meals. We each basically got two for the price of one. Not a bad deal!

April ordered the pork tenderloin with mustard potatoes. I got the seafood stuffed tilapia with sweet potato chunks and asparagus. April and I both liked our potatoes, but after sampling each other’s, we swapped. I thought the spicy alternative was delicious, while she thought the sweetness of the orange potatoes complimented her pork very well.

Christina asked for the Mediterranean turkey stew. It was the most interesting dish, and oh so tasty! The flavors were perfectly distributed in the stew.  Again, Christina won for “Best Dish!”

Kim went for the pot roast with root vegetables. She was delightfully impressed and very excited she could save the other half for dinner.

Elizabeth was very pleased with her selection of Oprah’s creamless corn chowder and broccoli quiche.  The light meal was ideal for a hot summer day. The chowder was served cold, and very appetizing. The quiche was also full of flavor!

Thanks this week to Micah, April’s daughter who watched Abbie, Julia and Anna Katherine at the Cat Pool, or as my kids call it, the Kitty Cat Pool, while we ate.  The kiddos had a great time, while the mamas ate like queens!

Take a look at photos of our meals below. And remember, Tony will customize the meals for you.  If you have allergies, prefer no/low salt and/or sugar substitutes, he’ll prepare the meal to your liking. There are no contracts, and catering is also available!

Thanks Tony for delivering a gourmet lunch to our bunch! We thoroughly enjoyed the tasty meals! We’ll be calling you at 812-8870 for more!


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