Cat Island Grill and Pub Welcomes the Lunch Bunch

Spotted by the Lunch Bunch this week: Frank Gibson, Chris Gibson and all of the employees at Insurance Services of the Lowcountry (Frank Gibson was honoring them as part of Administrative Appreciation Day); Bob and Frances Kuzinski and their friends from Long Island, Ron and Mary Butler

By Wendy Pollitzer

May 6, 2010

UnknownWe had the pleasure of dining at Cat Island Grill and Pub, formerly the British Open Pub at Cat Island this week.  Peggy Hopkins, Membership Director for the Sanctuary Golf Club invited us to the pub, which just opened under new management on March 26.

The restaurant has a new, but familiar menu. Original items, such as Ahi Tuna on Wasabi Parmesan Grits, Filet Encroute, Wild Coho Salmon and Duck Breast are now listed on the dinner menu. And there are a few changes to the lunch menu, but, for the most part, it has all the favorites from the British Open Pub days and then some!

We were very pleased with the service and atmosphere at the Cat Island Grill and Pub. The decor was impressive, and we all took note of the artwork on the walls.  All the paintings were created by Olga Stamatiou, a graduate of Boston University’s School of Fine Arts and contemporary artist currently living in Beaufort.

In addition to the décor, we were equally impressed with our menu selections!

Tis the season for Soft Shell Crabs, and Elizabeth jumped at the chance to order the Special. The beer battered crustaceans were delicious and perfectly fried to make them extra crispy.

April ordered the Taco Salad with extra, extra sour cream. She loved it, but did make the comment that she’d  “just like to skip to desserts from now on.” April has quite the sweet tooth! Of course she asked for the Chocolate Lava Cake, prepared by SuZara’s Bakery. Once again…bye bye Weight Watchers Points. She saves them for Wednesdays!

Heather went light this week, choosing half of a tuna salad sandwich and a cup of She-Crab soup.  I was surprised she didn’t ask for the chicken salad, being the aficionado she is!  But she was pleased and appreciative of the richness of the soup.

Kim chose the chicken fingers, also lager dipped (beer battered).  She was delighted with the crispiness of both the chicken fingers and the extra large onion rings that accompanied them!

Christina, who always seems to order the best thing on the menu, got the Special Pot Pie with a side salad. The puffed pastry on top of the pie made for great presentation. She described the dish as tasting very homemade and loved it!

I was so late, the girls ordered before I got there; so I was slightly rushed at picking my entrée. But I immediately saw the Tuna and Gruyere Panini and thought, “that’s what I’m in the mood for!” White Albacore never tasted so good!

I love it when all of us are present for Lunch Bunch! Our final proof for the paper is on Tuesdays, which can be somewhat hectic. So, on Wednesdays, we get to let our hair down, relax for a bit and enjoy each other’s company.  This week, we were all in a very giggly mood, reminiscing about the fun bike race the night before, telling funny kid stories and sharing tips about what to do when your phone falls in the toilet (like mine did Tuesday)! Anyway, our Lunch Bunch is therapeutic for me, especially. You girls make me laugh, and I just wanted to say thanks!

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