Alvin Ord’s Sandwich Shop, an Institution in Beaufort!

By Wendy Pollitzer

August 19, 2010

When I first moved to Beaufort as an intern at Fripp Island 13 years ago, I asked where to get a good sandwich in town. The overwhelming response? Alvin Ord’s!!! “Well, what do I get there,” I asked the locals. “THE SALVATION,” they insisted!

Ever since that summer of ‘97, I’ve been going back to the infamous sandwich shop at 1415 Ribaut Road in Port Royal nearly three times per month, ordering the Salvation every time! Now depending on my hunger, I’ll order a small, medium or large. And yes, I have been known to take down an entire large order in one sitting! But, normally, if you order a medium, you’ll be sure to take home half the sandwich to finish at dinner.

Alvin Ord’s is an institution in Beaufort, and hopefully will remain one for years to come! In fact, since I’ve been writing this Lunch Bunch column, many people have approached me and asked why we haven’t gone to Alvin Ord’s yet. The truth is…everyone in the Lunch Bunch eats at Alvin Ord’s so frequently, we’ve been faced with the dilemma from week to week that one of us (or a few of us) had already eaten there. But, we thought it was finally time to write about the beloved eatery, established in 1983.

We know you’ve all been there. And if you haven’t, drop your plans for lunch today and head to Port Royal! Like I said, it’s an institution in Beaufort. My Charleston buddies liken Alvin Ord’s to Schlotzky’s Deli. But, in my opinion, it doesn’t even compare! Alvin Ord’s sandwiches are so much fresher! And the experience is way more enjoyable!

Everyone, sans me (frown face as I write this) had their kids with them at Lunch Bunch this week. Granny had mine, because I was getting ready for my brother’s wedding in Charleston. On the eve week of Back-to-School, it was especially nice to have all the kids with us. Where, oh where did this summer go?

The Salvation, a Must-Have!

We were accompanied by Hanna (April’s precious daughter), Ashten (Christina’s Citadel-bound daughter), Cohen and Skylar (Heather’s precious son and daughter) and Perry and Anna Katherine (Kim’s sweet girls).  We all devoured our sandwiches! We ordered the Roast Beef and Turkey, the Sliced Turkey, the BLT, the Tuna Salad, the Grilled Cheese, the Meatball and, of course a couple of the Salvation sandwiches!

All of the sandwiches are available on Fresh Baked French or Whole Wheat Bread. And, you may choose ingredients to add or delete from the made-to-order sandwiches.

Additionally, if you’re a Sweet Tea fan, Alvin Ord’s has some of the best Sweet Tea south of the Mason Dixon Line! I usually refrain from ordering the syrupy beverage, but I just can’t help myself at Alvin Ord’s!

So, just in case you forgot about Alvin Ord’s (but I don’t think you have), the Lunch bunch recommends another visit! Remember to call ahead if you’re in a hurry. The number is 524-8222. Program it in your phone! Call-ins get first priority. And, it’s always packed at lunch, because it’s just so darned good!

Thanks Alvin Ord’s for a delicious and memorable Back-to-School meal! The kiddos and the mamas loved it!

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