We all have a friend in Frosty


by Wendy Pollitzer

Featured in The Island News

Feb. 18, 2010


Warren and Jefferson Gibson

As snow covered the Palmetto State Friday, children of all ages were excited to build their version of Frosty who, of course, is a unique vision in each of our own minds. There is no one Frosty.

If you grew up in the Lowcountry, or in any coastal town south of Myrtle Beach to Miami, you’ve seldom had the pleasure of constructing your very own Frosty. But I guarantee you’ve dreamed of what he’d look like! Many winters passed without the opportunity to build your snowman, and as each disappeared into the Spring, you’d tell yourself, maybe next year.

Chloe and Harley Gartner

Zack Harrelson and Ben Lubkin

Caroline Ferguson


Well, we got the chance this year, didn’t we Beaufort? And, whether you’re three or sixty-three, you were out there playing in the winter wonderland, weren’t you?

Just as paint on canvas has the opportunity to reflect each of our artistic personalities, snow is the winter’s asset for the creative friend of Frosty. Frosty can be short or tall, fat or skinny, donned with refrigerator finds or natural debris. Frosty can be aged, or youthful. Frosty can look perfect, just as we dreamed or just fine, given the amount of snow we had to work with.

Although Frosty is different in my mind than in yours, Frosty is definitely one thing to us all. Frosty is our friend, and will always be a friend to youth. He is magical, and he allows us to be free with laughter, imagination and energy.

If each of us were as happy and content as we were Friday evening and Saturday morning, we’d be living in Frosty’s wonderland everyday. Though, we as adults know that’s a difficult task, we can look to our children everyday and reassure ourselves that dreams of Frosty are, indeed attainable.  Sometimes, we just have to wait a few years to be reminded of this assured tranquility.

Thanks Frosty for adding so many smiles to so many deserving Beaufort faces!

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