Tony Makar knows Gourmet Food

By Wendy Pollitzer

Featured in The Island News

December 9, 2010


Tony Makar

Tony Makar knows the restaurant business. If you’re from the Lowcountry and have dined in Charleston, you’re probably familiar with Shem Creek Bar and Grill and Café 99. And, if you’re from Columbia, you’re definitely familiar with Harper’s Restaurant in Five Points. Tony has worked at them all. He’s been a Manager, Chef, Server…you name it, he’s done it. But it’s in his blood. His family owned a restaurant called Makar’s Tavern. Tony remembers flipping burgers at age 12. That experience led him to his tenure in the Food and Beverage business.

As anyone in Food and Beverage knows, the restaurant business is half-food and half-people management.  When Tony tired of F&B, he realized he had a knack for managing people. So, he decided to go back to school to study healthcare at MUSC, which eventually led him to a career as a Nursing Home Administrator.  Tony worked in this capacity for several years when he realized he missed cooking.

Tony wanted to combine his chef experience with his knowledge of managing an aging population. Initially, he wanted to create a business that would cater to retirees. He wanted to cook good, healthy meals and deliver his product to his customers for a hassle-free, no-fuss experience.

So that’s how his business started. Tony Makar now owns Gourmet on Wheels, a meal delivery service that creates large entrees with low/no sea salt, sugar substitutes and fresh herbs for a healthy lifestyle. You can go online, place your order on Fridays, and 5 meals will be delivered to your door on Tuesdays for a low price and super easy convenience.

Makar’s business has grown to include many more people than the retired population.  People of all ages and walks of life benefit from Tony’s cooking, including me! I order from Tony once a week, and my amazing meals come prepared to reheat. I pick the kids up from school, let them play while I work and throw the meals in the microwave for 3-5 minutes for an absolutely delicious gourmet meal. And the best part…no clean up!

This just isn’t great for single moms; it’s also terrific for bachelors! Are you looking for something to do for that friend who just had a baby? Or would you like to console someone who’s just lost someone close to them? Or do you want to help a loved one who’s been ill and unable to cook for him or herself?  This is the best gift idea!  It’s inexpensive and very thoughtful.

It’s also a great gift for the Holiday Season. And, it’s always nice to give gifts that keep on giving, like food!  Do you have a large group coming for Christmas? I would imagine your top concern is Christmas Eve or Christmas Day dinner, correct?  Well, what about the other 3-5 days your company is visiting? Again, Gourmet on Wheels is the perfect solution!

Each meal feeds 2 people easily. My two girls and I eat each meal, no problem.    And Tony makes just about everything you can think of.  From Shrimp Enchiladas to Mom’s Meatloaf to Baked Ziti to Smoked Gouda Stone Ground Grits and Tasso Ham Gravy, he’ll make a darn good meal!

Tony and his mom cook at Lady’s Island Country Club on Mondays for Tuesday deliveries.   At present, Tony is preparing healthy meals for Beaufort Academy and is also providing meals at the Festival of Trees. In addition, Tony travels to the local Farmer’s Markets for fresh ingredients.

If you know Tony Makar at all, you’re familiar with his outgoing, friendly demeanor. He’s the kind of guy that doesn’t have to try; everyone just likes him. And his wife, Anna, is just the same. This is a family that is committed to each other first, career second and everything else third.  What is spectacular is the fact that they’ve established a business that uses all the family’s good assets to deliver a great product for the community.  And, they love doing it! Tony even has a nephew in Charleston that helps with catering when needed.

Tony and Anna have three children, Tradd (12), Cameron (10) and Lucie (8). When Tony was at MUSC, the couple were Innkeepers at the Swordgate Inn (on Tradd St.), thus the basis for their first-born’s name.

As an aside, “Tradd” was the first baby born in Charleston when it was a fortress guarded with Swordgates. The other set now guards The Citadel. I digress.

Tony Makar and his family have established a solid foundation for a business ready to grow exponentially.  I can attest, Gourmet on Wheels is the next best thing to sliced bread!  But, don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself.  Go to and take a look at all of Tony’s meals. Once you start, I promise…you’ll be hooked!

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