Mix Master Milner: Mixing Chemicals by Day and Music by Night

By Wendy Pollitzer

Featured in The Island News

March 10, 2011

Ash Milner

Ash Milner has found his niche. If ever there was a hobby that could turn into a career, it the art of being a disc jockey. And Milner loves his title as DJ Ash or Mix Master Milner.

About this time last year, Lantz Price, owner of Plum’s Inc., and a bunch of guys stood around the fire at a friend’s fish camp. Knowing Milner’s adoration for music, Price suggested that Ash deejay at Plum’s to see if he liked it.

It just so happened that Milner was offered DJ equipment only three days prior to this conversation. Ash was spraying Buddy Brownlee’s house as a technician for Collin’s Pest Control (his day job), and he noticed a lot of equipment that Brownlee was ready to get rid of.

So the conversation around the campfire came at the perfect time. Milner called Brownlee, accepted the equipment and quickly became known as DJ Ash, the hottest name in entertainment on Bay Street.

Milner has always loved music. His ipod has over 5000 songs on it. “Music soothes the soul. It gives me an escape. When I’m driving around in the Collin’s Pest Control truck, my music relaxes me,” explains Milner. “I like hard rock. Rush is a favorite band of mine. But, when I moved to Beaufort, a friend turned me on to the Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead and Widespread Panic. “

Besides listening to music, Milner also enjoys watching the crowd dance to his selections. “They go nuts over the popular songs by bands like the Black Eyed Peas and Usher. But sometimes, I like to slip in a song by unknown artists like Groove Armada and Fat Boy Slim. They love those songs too. People just like to dance,” says Milner.

“I’m very thankful that Lantz (Price) and Chip (Dinkins) gave me this opportunity.  Plum’s is a great place to DJ; it’s tight, and the intimacy makes it even better.”

“I’m also very thankful to a few people who have helped me achieve success in my side career. Merritt Yeager helps me with signs and graphics for advertising purposes, and Tim Lovett helps me set up. And, how can I forget my wife, Cher? She publicizes all of my events on Facebook.”

DJ Ash has a special performance coming up on St. Patrick’s Day at Plum’s.  Beginning at 10pm, Plum’s will transform into an Irish Ash Celebration. Milner will play tunes, provide beads and koozies and sell t-shirts to all those doning green.

Originally from Aiken, Milner and his wife, Cher, now call Beaufort home.  And Plum’s is kind of like their “Cheers.” Everyone knows your name. “Plum’s will always be a special place to me, because it’s where I got started.”

And if you’re a musician and see DJ Ash one night, don’t be afraid to ask and join him. He encourages musicians to play during one of his gigs. He wants to promote local talent and believes we could all benefit from each other. Promotion is all about word of mouth and encouragement.

And thanks to Lantz Price and Buddy Brownlee’s words of encouragement, Ash Milner now makes a living doing exactly what he loves to do, playing music.

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