Marine For Life Supports Those Who Have Served

By Wendy Pollitzer

Featured in The Island News

September 30, 2010

Ken Glasson

There is no such thing as an ex-marine. Once a marine, always a marine.

And in that same spirit of honor and respect for those that have served, a system has been put into place to direct Marines after their tour of duty and take care of their every need.

Marines for Life was established in 2002, and it is designed to establish and develop a network of Marine friendly individuals and organizations to provide Marines, Marine veterans and sailors who served with the Marine Corps, assistance in finding employment, educational opportunities and realizing life goals.

According to Ken Glasson, an active duty Marine in charge of increasing the presence of the Marine for Life Program in the southeast, there are hundreds of thousands that have served that can be directed to employment opportunities across the country. Marine For Life’s headquarters is in Quantico, Va. About 100 Marine For Life representatives such as Glasson, who are Marine Corps reservists, work in cities and towns throughout the United States.

Glasson is the Southeast Area Officer in charge of the program.  His job is to create a larger presence for the program, and he has begun working in Beaufort.

He said that there are 27,000 marines who come off of active duty who are either discharged or retire; and, 88 percent of those are E-5 (a Sgt.) and below.

The country is broken down into six districts, which will be re-aligned into four in the coming months.

There are hometown links in each major community, which provides an existing network of national companies that are trying to expand. In fact there is an initiative in Beaufort to retain military personnel and give them jobs in the local market.

“Marine For Life’s vision is to contribute to the well-being of Marines by linking them to a network that is responsive to their lifelong needs,” Glasson said.

“Individuals and organizations both with and without Marine Corps experience are vital to the ongoing success of the Marine For Life network. Businesses, educational institutions and mentoring organizations each have an important role to play.”

Glasson explained that Marine veterans bring the core values of the Marine Corps, which is honor, courage and commitment with them when they make their transitions to civilian life.

Marines continue their dedication to service in their communities as they build their homes, their families and their careers, Glasson explained.

“Companies know that these Marines are drug free and will show up to work on time and do their part. All of these Marines have gone through four solid years of rigorous training,” said Glasson.

“They’ve been recruited through the recruiting command and trained through the training command. A Marine is one from cradle to grave.”

For more information, visit or call 866-645-8762. Companies or organizations interested in joining the network can call Glasson at 803-705-9931.

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