Jered and Deanna Kraszewski: Devoted to Health and Wellness in Beaufort

By Wendy Pollitzer

Featured in The Island News

July 29, 2010

Jered and Deanna Kraszewski

Jered and Deanna Kraszewski are committed to the health of Beaufort youth. The couple share a building at 37 Sams Point Road on Lady’s Island and operate two businesses, Get Fit and Lowcountry School of Performing Arts at the facility.

Jered and Deanna, originally from Connecticut, were stationed in Beaufort with USMC from 2001-2004. After a medical retirement from the Corps, Jered convinced Deanna to retire right here in Beaufort.

Jered soon opened Low Country Health and Fitness, which changed to Get FIT this year with a new and improved indoor and outdoor training area.  He wanted to stay true to his martial arts roots, and developed a boot camp style of training. He only hires Health Specialists who are already certified, and within 4 months, teaches them TJA, also known as ‘The Jered Approach.’ This training approach has proven to produce great results time and time again.

Deanna decided to follow her dream and opened the Low Country School of Performing Arts. She began with 20 students and, by the end of the second season, she had 150 dancers on the stage for “The Wizard of Oz”. The non-competitive technical school teaches the usual tap, jazz and ballet, but also offers hip hop, creative movement and lyrical classes, which gives students the opportunity to study dance, music and theater in a positive environment thus building confidence and self esteem.

Like Deanna, Jered saw an opportunity to teach children. He developed a program called Kid Fit since childhood obesity is one of the biggest problems with today’s youth.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, kids ages 10-17 learn fitness, discipline, nutrition, sports training and self-defense training.  Children can sign up at the beginning of any week all year and participate in the 8-week program.  Jered developed the SAS, (Shirt Advancement System) in which the kids test for different levels for a total of 7 shirt colors.

Children with higher-level shirt colors become squad leaders for upcoming classes. They encourage their peers to do better. At first, some kids are a little intimidated, but by the end, they’re all cheering each other on.

And besides being married to one another, the Kraszewski’s also have another strong connection…their teaching style.  Both agree that kids will do whatever you ask of them. They are able to accomplish so much more if pushed a tad.

“I have 5-year-olds who are learning what typical 10 year old dancers would be learning. I educate the kids with proper vocabulary, technique, and the history of dance. Students need to be mentally and physically challenged in order to develop the skills needed to excel in the arts,” explains Deanna.

And Jered agrees, “We emphasize nutrition and teach proper eating habits so that a child will practice what he or she has learned at home. There is a certain camaraderie at Kid Fit as is at LSOPA.  We create a family environment where all of the kids want to applaud each other for finishing a challenge.”

Deanna and Jered have done well with their respective businesses. But more importantly, they are educating the people of Beaufort about health and our bodies. They can’t do it for us, but they can certainly teach us the proper way. They’ve created a gym and a dance studio that can benefit the whole family, from teaching youth what to buy at the grocery store to educating parents about needed lifestyle changes to teaching moms of four current hip hop trends. Hey, all of us moms could use a little dance therapy once in a while!

I know Jered and Deanna well and respect their style.   If interested in personal training, GetFit classes, Kid Fit or LSOPA, call the gym at 524-2348 or visit Lowcountry School of Performing Arts’ website at to register for a variety of classes.

Essentially, if you want to change your lifestyle for the better, it’s time to Get Fit! Thanks Jered and Deanna for always pushing me and my kiddos. It’s going to be another fun year!

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