Greyhound Flats No Longer a Bus Station, but a Super-Chic Bungalow

By Wendy Pollitzer

Featured in The Island News

July 1, 2010


Greyhound Flats

Greyhound Flats is the new “It” place in Beaufort. Owned by Rosemary and Kevin Cuppia, this 2-unit vacation rental is anything but drab. It’s vibrant colors and smart interior is all to the thanks of the creative women at M Home Interiors, Lisa Mykleby, Laura Baker and Muffin Tullous.

Greyhound Flats is located on West Street. Most Beaufortonians remember the building as the old Greyhound bus station. It was a stop on the Miami to New York route, frequented mostly by Marines. Also noteworthy was the fact that it was the last building in SC to have segregated bathrooms and water fountains. Imagine how many thousands of young Marines walked in and out of this station to begin their duty at Parris Island. “If only these walls could talk.”


Kevin and Rosemary Cuppia

Now, the Cuppias have converted the building into two individual units that can each sleep up to six people. The girls at cleverly used the space to create a bedroom, living area, office and storage in the average sized room. And they did so which such class, bold colors and unique fabric selection. It is super cool!

When I lived out at Coffin Point on St. Helena, I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to come downtown and enjoy Beaufort as a tourist. I’d rent a room, go shopping and eat at one of the great establishments. And, I wouldn’t have to worry about driving home. Well, if you live far away, or on Lady’s Island even, you can enjoy Greyhound Flats at the reasonable rate of $139 per night.

And most of us in Beaufort love entertaining guests from out of town. If you’re like me, though, space is limited for numerous visitors.  All you need to do is visit VRBO  (Vacation Rental By Owner) online, choose Greyhound Flats, and your guests will be in heaven.

DSCN3337Wendy Nilsen Pollitzer relaxing at Greyhound Flats

That’s what Elizabeth Harding did recently. While her tile was laid in her bathroom, she stayed at The Flats and invited a few over for a glass of wine. Lanier Laney, Terry Sweeney, Kim Gallant, Caroline Hogan and I took pleasure in a nice bottle of vino, good company and brilliant décor.

Elizabeth especially liked the remote control to the thermostat. She also bragged about the breakfast delivery from Blackstones Café.  Kevin also told me that Palm and Moon will deliver too.

Rosemary Cuppia grew up in Beaufort. Her parents owned Modern Jewelers on Bay Street, which she and Kevin now own and operate. For her, watching this renovation was a bit surreal. She’ll always remember the building as the Greyhound bus station.  But she and her husband have now successfully reinvented an old structure and named it so that guests and locals will likely discuss its history. That’s the beauty of Beaufort. We have so many wonderful stories like this.

Beaufort Construction, and Matt Phifer (the Cuppia’s son-in-law and foreman on the project), in particular deserves praise for a job well done on a superior renovation. I particularly like the fact that they recycled an old building and made it into a super chic urban get-away, all while keeping its historic charm.

Again, if you’re interested in staying at Greyhound Flats, or know someone who may be, go to and take advantage of their Grand Opening rate.  You won’t be sorry. And you’ll enjoy all of the amenities of being downtown while having a large space all to yourself.

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