Dr. Clark Trask in Practice for the Good of Beaufort


By Wendy Pollitzer

Featured in The Island News

Apr. 8, 2010

Dr. Clark Trask

After Dr. Clark Trask finished his residency in Ashville, Dr. John Gray asked if he’d be interested in moving home to Beaufort to join his practice. He jumped at the chance to come home. Why? Because he loves Beaufort! He loves being able to treat the people he once knew in town and on St. Helena Island, where he was raised.

Dr. Clark Trask is not your average M.D. For starters, he’s practiced medicine all over the world…Nepal, France, and New Zealand and within the U.S., the states of North Carolina and Alaska. He’s seen patients from most nationalities and learned from doctors with all types of education and experience.

I sat with Dr. Trask and his wife, Evy last week, and we discussed Health Care, obesity and common sense parenting tips with regards to active lifestyles and nutritional eating. We had a great conversation, and most in town would agree that Dr. Trask is a natural with his profession.

Why? Perhaps his easy-going personality allows his patients to feel safe, comfortable and non-competitively challenged. You see, pharmaceutical companies that can prescribe a pill for anything and everything don’t always convince Dr. Trask that their products are the best for his patients. His patients must take steps to improve their health first.

Dr. Trask believes in the person. He trusts that the person can adjust his or her lifestyle enough to once again become healthy. He believes, as many physicians now do, that chronic disease like Diabetes and high blood pressure can be treated by changing the patient’s unhealthy habits more so than prescribing a pill.

His mantra? “To know and not to do is not to know,” exclaims Dr. Trask. By giving his patients sound nutritional advice and connecting what they eat, how they feel and what they do during the day allows Dr. Trask to measure their bodies objectively.

His practice, Coastal Care on Ribaut Road, specializes in bariatrics, but still very mush so administers family medicine! In fact, when I met with Clark and Evy, it was on a Monday. Evy explained to me that’s it’s always their busiest day. Everyone comes off the weekend sick, and all the doctor’s offices are closed. Come Monday morning, the schedule for the day is full!

One of the great things about Coastal Care is that they take walk-ins. Let’s say your doctor can’t meet with you for three days. Dr. Trask and his staff will see you the same day to treat your ailment.

And another thing that’s great? They have an in-house pharmacy! No need to drive anywhere to fill that prescription!

When the Trasks started Coastal Care, they wanted to incorporate three things into their business. One is accessibility. In addition to accepting walk-ins, they are open 8am-6pm Monday through Thursday, 8am-5pm on Friday and 9am-11am on Saturday. They are also never closed during lunch hours!

The second important feature Coastal Care offers is great quality care. Whether you’re in the office to get treated for an infection or there to see Dr. Trask about losing weight, your time is worth his! He takes careful notes on his laptop while you’re in the room and always asks the most appropriate questions. He makes every attempt to practice evidence-based medicine to insure his patients are getting the right diagnosis.

The third incorporated aspect of their practice (and I say they, because Evy is just as much a part of the business as Clark) is affordability. They don’t have to charge the highest amounts and won’t add unnecessary charges. The model of their practice is based on fair prices for convenient service.

In addition to accessibility, quality care and affordability, the office is plain and simply cool! They offer free coffee (the good stuff too), free Internet surfing while you wait and Reggae Fridays! Pandora Radio plays in the background everyday, and a live person always answers the telephone!

Dr. Trask’s dream is to one day go overseas and practice medicine again, if only for a short while. For now, he’s very content with life in Beaufort. His smile widened, as he made sure I knew, “I’m proud to be a Beaufortonian. Coming home to practice medicine is a privilege.”

When Dr. Trask isn’t in the office, he loves to garden. He’s planted pole beans, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers and squash. He’s grown a healthy herb garden as well.

And he’s a woodworker too! Evy asked him to build a playhouse/swing set for their children, Grace and Sam. Instead, he built a Pirate Ship! What a Dad!

Dr. Trask and his wife, Evy are great assets to Beaufort. And they certainly practice what they preach! Always active (Clark kayaking and Evy running), the duo makes a point to eat well, live well and teach their children well.

If you’re interested in visiting Dr. Trask for a well checkup, same-day visit or weight loss consultation, you may call the office at (843) 524-3344. You’ll be glad you did!

Thank you Clark and Evy for a pleasant visit! You’re hospitality is always graciously received!

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