Carson Bruce leads the Junior Service League of Beaufort with Class


By Wendy Pollitzer

Featured in The Island News

Mar. 4, 2010


Carson Bruce

If you want to meet a girl who has it all…brains, beauty and charm, introduce yourself to Ms. Carson Bruce. Did I fail to mention selfless goals, energizing conversation and an honest spirit?

Bruce, originally from Camden, SC has lived in Beaufort now for 13 years. And yes, she is a personal friend of mine. But who couldn’t be a friend with Carson? Sit down with her at the upcoming Pig Pickin’ by the Pluff Mud, and she’ll ignite a thought in your head you’ll be pondering for the rest of the evening. All while mesmerizing you with her genuine smile.

Carson’s warmth is contagious. You’ll want to be a better person after you meet her. She has an amazing ability to insert serious, thought-provoking comments in an otherwise light and funny conversation. And she always pairs an unfortunate situation with a Good outcome. An optimist, Carson is; but also someone who doesn’t shy away from reality when the going gets tough.

Bruce, a founding member of the Junior Service League of Beaufort, is now the organization’s President. In its fifth year, JSLB has raised thousands of dollars for area non-profits to benefit the lives of women, children and families in Beaufort County.

Five years ago, she and about 12 other women decided to start a civic organization that would allow a membership of diverse young women opportunity to volunteer with area non-profits. Together they would have a greater impact than they would individually, as explained in JSLB’s mission statement.

And this year is no exception. The Junior Service League volunteers and fundraises for AMIkids, the Boys and Girls Club, CAPA, Friends of Caroline Hospice, United Way, Little Red Dog Foundation, St. Vincent de Paul Society of St. Peter’s Catholic Church and Thumbs Up Meals.

“We have a talented bunch of women within this organization with strong community ties. And, we’ve become a family of helping others. The relationships built within JSLB will last a lifetime, and it’s all based on a desire to give back to our community,” explains Carson.

“I’d love to see the Junior Service League around when our daughters and granddaughters are looking to volunteer around Beaufort.”

And Carson is the perfect person to lead this organization into its 5th Anniversary. Now, with a well-respected reputation in Beaufort, JSLB carries a lot of weight in the donating community.  JSLB organizes profitable events, and non-profits know it. But next year will be different.

The Junior Service League will be transforming as a fundraising organization to a complete service organization.  The large group of women will be donating more than their dollars. They will be donating their time to those less fortunate, and reward for these deeds will be immediate.

When asked what her favorite memory of JSLB was, Carson quickly responded, “After our annual 5-K run for the Little Red Dog Foundation, I got to see the organization present the bikes to the kids. The smiles on their faces will never be erased from my memory.”  The Little Red Dog Foundation provides specially equipped therapeutic three-wheel cycles for people who are mobility challenged. These special trykes help people with disabilities improve circulation, increase body strength, expand range of motion and improve endurance.

This Saturday, JSLB will host its Pig Pickin’ by the Pluff Mud to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of the Lowcountry. This annual event has raised over $100,000 for the local charity.

The event will be held at Kate Gleason Park, behind Beaufort Memorial Hospital at 6:30pm, rain or shine. Tickets are $75/couple and $45/single ticket. Patrons will enjoy BBQ from Dukes (don’t you miss it!) and music by Common Ground.

Again, if you haven’t met Carson, put out your hand to shake hers. By the time you end your conversation, she’ll ignore the handshake and go straight for the hug! That’s just the kind of gal she is.

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