Carrie Freeman, Founder of The Wellness School Advocates Holistic Health

By Wendy Pollitzer

Featured in The Island News

June 10, 2010

Carrie Freeman

Carrie Freeman is a woman committed to her family, her community and herself. She’s also determined to share the message of wellness locally and globally.

Freeman and her husband, Allen started a project called The Wellness School. Inspired from her diagnosis of Stage 3 Breast Cancer in 2007, she came to realize that there is a lot more to healing and wellness than simply taking medication. While conventional medicine certainly has its place, and is often necessary, complimenting traditional medicine with holistic practice is the best way to serve the body and create wellness.

The Wellness School will focus on the well being of an individual. The vision begins with starting “where you are.” “Regardless of age, weight or current health, what you can do today will make a difference,” explains Freeman. And she should know.

Freeman was misdiagnosed for 18 months when she learned she had a 10 cm tumor. In addition to three older children, Freeman also had a 3-month old.

While this career oriented mother once lived a life of fast food drive-thrus and quick fixes to get through her everyday, she’s now empowered to do something to give herself the best chance at surviving.

And while conventional medicine saved her life, she now takes responsibility for the cancer and her situation. “People have the ability to change the environment of their bodies.  Taking care of the whole body might put you in a much better position should you ever develop a serious illness,” says Freeman.

While The Wellness School may very well help you overcome a medical issue, stop a habit, or prevent disease, the focus is always on your well-being. The Wellness School believes that your mind and body connect, in fact are one, and the school approaches everything from that basis.

The Wellness School will feature ten very diverse, educated and extraordinary practitioners. These individuals have dedicated much of their lives to educating people on the different areas of holistic wellness. And there are many, many areas. You can expect to find everything from guided imagery and meditation, reiki, pet therapy, whole foods cooking demonstrations, energy healing, medical hypnosis, life coaching, stress and anxiety reduction, the list goes on and on and on. The Wellness School will also have a special area of services that deal specifically with children.

If you live in or travel to SC, you will be able to schedule private sessions with any of the practitioners and attend local workshops and seminars. Many of the practitioners also do phone consultations or sessions. The Wellness School is also online and offers certification programs for personal or professional growth, a wellness store, free podcasts and other resources, and an opportunity to join our membership site.

Through the membership site you will be able to access Webinars from the practitioners as well as podcasts, group sessions, special events, live events, and so much more. Practitioners will be providing new and updated current information on a variety of topics monthly. There will be many, many resources available at the click of a finger.

The “launch” date is July 1st 2010. You can go to today and sign up for a pre-launch notification. This will simply give you a reminder to check them out on July 1st; it is not the membership. You will be able to join the membership site on July 1st for $20 per month.

Be sure to click the audio to the left of the screen to hear Freeman telling you a little about the school.

Upcoming events at The Wellness School include a Back to School theme in August. “There’s more to it than paper and pencils…” In addition there will be a live event in October for cancer patients featuring seminars on nutrition, relaxation, positive thinking, Reiki sessions and much more. The event will be free, but space is limited, so please contact or call 843-986-4620 to reserve your place.

Also beginning in October 2010, you will be able to take online courses in an array of subjects for personal and professional development.

The Wellness School will also feature Lil’ Chef by the Sea, a program Freeman created when she was a Montessori teacher in 2001 and has taught in several cities, including summer camps in Beaufort.

Lil’ Chef is a cooking program for kids that focuses on making healthy choices in your diet and creating your own snacks and meals. You can expect to see new monthly recipes for kids and videos of the cooking demonstrations along with lessons in why certain foods are better choices than others. Lil’ Chef even plans to visit Ms. Tracie, our canine wellness expert, and get some tips on healthy snacks for anyone who has a pet dog or love for dogs.

Freeman, the mother of Keela (19), Macey (17), Abigail (9) and Carter (3) gave up her career as founder of a Montessori School in Atlanta to take care of herself. Now she wants to take care of her community. As a certified life coach and Reiki instructor, Freeman equates the Montessori philosophy of developing the whole child to the philosophy of The Wellness School, which is developing the whole body.

She is determined to see The Wellness School succeed, and I believe it will. Thank you Carrie for meeting with me and teaching me about your holistic approach to life. Your drive and excitement is contagious.

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