Alex Spencer and his Reflections of Coosaw Point

By Wendy Pollitzer

Featured in The Island News

October 28, 2010

Alex Spencer with his wife, Linda

A few weeks ago Anne Gallant introduced me to a friend of hers via Facebook. She described him as inspirational and naturally talented.  She asked if I would meet him to possibly write a profile about him. So I did, and I can’t thank Anne enough for initiating my new friendship with this gem of a person, Alex Spencer.

Alex Spencer is an artist living in Coosaw Point. His photography of the natural landscape is breathtaking and thought provoking. He has the rare ability to capture the essence of life in a still photo.

And, fortunately, for Beaufort, Alex has compiled many of his photographs into a coffee table book titled Reflections of Coosaw Point, a place where Spencer insists that, “the grounds spoke to me here in a way that I can’t describe.”

The land, marsh and water surrounding Coosaw Point on Lady’s Island is the inspiration behind Spencer’s work; but it’s also his healing ground.

Spencer suffers from a rare long-term side effect of Radiation treatment for Colorectal Cancer.  Essentially, most of the nerves in Spencer’s pelvic area are damaged, which may slowly result in permanent organ failure. And the pain is tremendous.

He treats the pain medicinally, but the narcotics make him very sleepy and nauseated.  It gets worse as the day grows longer.

But he continues to live each day alongside his amazing wife, Linda and among the Spanish Moss covered Oaks, the ever changing green Spartina and the ebb and flow of the Coosaw River.

“There is strong mojo here, kind of like the Red Rocks in Utah,” explains Spencer. “I’m a true tree hugger too. I actually hug trees. There is energy in plant life that yields peacefulness and serenity.”

Spencer’s physical and mental therapy for pain is his photography.  And when you look at his work, you begin to understand not only his pain, but his joy as well.

One of his photos, Primordial Beginnings pictured below, represents Alpha and Omega, everything that is new and old coming full circle.

And most of his photos of the horizon are that of sunrises, not sunsets. Most of us amateur psychologists would agree that his choice of beauty speaks volumes about his appreciation for life. The beginning of a new day is a rebirth in the eyes of Alex Spencer. And when you look at his photography, you’ll see what he sees.

And that’s all Spencer desires to share. “I want to share my feelings of nature. I want people to feel what I see and see what I feel.”

Spencer is as mellow as they come. The energy he connects with in nature transcends the mainstream appreciation for the Lowcountry. He honestly speaks and listens to nature for spiritual healing, as all of us should.

“Nature in its own way is an invisible population. We should never tire of it. When I used to travel the McTeer Bridge daily, I would look at the marsh and water for a new discovery.”

After I spoke with Spencer, I called a friend immediately to share my emotions, to somehow duplicate the positive energy I had just received. It’s nearly impossible to explain through dialogue the spatial energy you’ve just shared with another human or thing. It’s definitely difficult to transcribe it now.

But what I can describe about Alex Spencer is his yen for living. He maintains an order in his life through an understanding of every living thing around him. He expands his consciousness daily by exploring and wanting to gain knowledge. He gets thoroughly involved in each situation he’s apart of.  He lives every day like it may be his last.

Robert and Anne Gallant

Recently Anne and Robert Gallant hosted a reception to showcase Spencer’s photography. It was a successful event, and Alex sold nearly two-thirds of all his framed work in addition to many pieces being sold several times via reprints.

You may still purchase his work by emailing him or calling him at 522-3948. And, if you get a chance to meet Alex, you’ll be reflecting upon your conversation for days, in a very good way.

I know. It was three weeks ago when I met Alex, and I’m still feeling his positive energy.  So thank you Alex for giving me inspiration. We all need it at different times in our lives; and you gave it to me when I needed it most.  God Bless You.

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